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how to ping any specific port ?

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Pinging or probing?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to pinging

If you just want to see which ports are open in your PC, use the following command in the command prompt:
netstat -an

Or are you planning to send packets to specific TCP ports like 25, 80 and 110 in another computer to see those ports are open or closed? Then we are talking about port scanners, not just ping. There are plenty of free port scanners, just make sure that you use a reputable site from which you download them (see for one way of ensuring the quality of the site).

The other thing you need to remember that you always need to have the permission of the systems administrator before you do any port scanning in your local system. Scanning over the internet may make your ISP and the other party's ISP very upset and they may decide to revoke your contract, see the section 'Acceptable Use' in the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to when you signed up with the ISP.

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