Pings but no web page

By hydrod ·
I've been working on a couple of computers that will ping any site you ask them to do but will not let me view any web page. I've done everything Microsoft suggested, ran spyware programs, AVG antivirus, msconfig (stopped everything) I know that I can wipe the hard drive and start all over but I still would like to know that is going on. I've got SP3 working on other computers so I know that is not the problem.

System runing is Windows XP SP3
1 gig ram
AMD 4000
Internet explorer 7.0
FireFox browser

One other thing that really got me is I download the browser Flock and it works great

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FF working?

by Jellimonsta In reply to Pings but no web page

Are you unable to browse the Internet in both IE an FF? Or just IE? If it is just IE, you can try repairing it.
Also, did it used to function and stopped? If so, do you have a System Restore point to go back to when it was known working?

Check out the link below for IE repair.


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try this -

by anabolic0omen In reply to FF working?

try resolving the dns to ip and then type in the ip address into your browser.

check your dns settings, make sure you are getting correct dns.

check your nic settings and your router/modem settings, maybe your isp dns ip changed.

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Something that may work....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Pings but no web page

Rename the HOSTS file.


If you are using Internet Explorer, I would check what add-ons are running and disable any that look suspicious. In Internet Explorer 6, go to Tools and select 'Manage Add-Ons'. Then scroll through the list of enabled Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) and disable the ones you don't want. In IE7, go to Tools and Then Manage Add-Ons and then Enable or Disable Add-ons to do the same.

If the issue still continues, your situation may be due to Spyware, Adware or Malware.
Start by emptying your Internet Cache*.

Next, here are excellent free tools for removing spyware, malware and adware:


Spybot Search & Destroy:


X-Cleaner Micro:

I would also use this tool: RootKitRevealer (

If the issue remains, I recommend you download and run the latest version of HiJackThis ( and post the log file it creates in one of the many forums dedicated for that purpose. I recommend that you post your HiJackThis log where there are many people who specialize in working with them. Try here:
You'll have to create a login but I think you'll find it to be the easiest and best way to resolve your issue.

Additionally, here is a good source for advice:

When you finally get everything cleaned up and running smooth, here are great free tools to help you avoid getting that garbage again:



and to quickly clean out the places where their installers usually hide before you shut down or reboot - ATF-Cleaner:

Good Luck!

** To empty the Internet Cache - For IE7, open to a browser window, click on Tools, select Internet Options, in the Browsing History section click on Delete and then in the next menu click on Temporary Internet Files 'Delete Files.'

If you're nervous about removing things found by spyware scanners, you can always create a System Restore Point as a safety net.

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