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    Pioneer DVD RW DVR-110D


    by msgwen7 ·

    System is Windows XP Pro. System is not recognizing the DVD-RW and can’t seem to find driver. I ran Belarc Advisor and the DVD-RW shows up as a drive but that is all.

    Not having much luck in finding a solution to this problem.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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      by msgwen7 ·

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      if it’s a driver

      by jck ·

      In reply to Pioneer DVD RW DVR-110D

      here is where you can get it at Pioneer:

      Hope that helps.

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      If the problem is a Driver Issue

      by oh smeg ·

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      You don’t look for a Pioneer Driver you look at the M’Boards Chip Set Driver.

      Pioneer only has Firmware Updates that will be of any assistance to you in a case like this.

      But first open the Device Manager by left clicking on Start, Control Panel, Classic View if it’s not already in Classic View then Administrative Tools, Computer Management and in the left pane on the next window to open Device Manager. Look for any Yellow Circles with a Black Mark through them these are devices no longer working that do require Driver Updates.

      Also grab a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here

      Get someone to burn it to CD for you and then insert it into the Optical Drive and restart the computer. When you get either the POST Screen or a Makers Logo press the listed Key to enter BIOS normally Delete or F10 and look at the Boot Order. Set this to Optical Drive First Boot Device and then HDD as the Second Boot Device and exit BIOS Saving the changes as you exit.

      If the system now boots up to the Ultimate Boot CD Screen the Pioneer Drive is working correctly and you have a Windows Issue that needs sorting. However if Windows Starts normally the CD, the Optical Drive or it’s Data Lead/Power Lead is faulty and needs replacing.

      If this is a Desktop open the case touch a metal part of the case with the back of your hand and then check the Optical Drive Leads are correctly seated in their sockets on the back of the Optical Drive. [b]Do Not[/b] move your feet about as you do this.

      If they are replace the Optical Drive.

      If this is a NB the Data & Power Leads are part of the M’Boards Socket so all you can do here is to replace the Optical Drive with a new one. The new one doesn’t need to be a Pioneer and brand that will fit the computer will do. With NB’s these are called Slimline Drives and with Desktops these are just called Optical Drives.


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