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Pionex - award bios - amd 756 chipset "cmos ram failed"

By rlacontojr ·
Upgraded to Win XP and will get endless beebs during RESTART of system and sometimes during software instillation "will shut down on its own, but hang and beep". If I do not completely cut the power for more than 15 seconds the system will continue to beeb. Ran a pc troubleshooting boot disk ... "failed cmos ram" "clock ticking failed" and "alarm failed" Bad cmos battery ????? Or RAM ?????

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by TheChas In reply to Pionex - award bios - amd ...

If anything is bad, I would suspect the CMOS RAM that holds your BIOS settings.
Usually, the first sign of a CMOS battery failure is problems with the real-time-clock.
Keep in mind, on ATX systems, the CMOS battery is not used unless the AC power is not on. Even when the PC is off, the ATX power supply constantly supplies 5 volts to the motherboard.

Make sure that you can recover or redo your BIOS settings.

It would not hurt to test or replace the battery.
With a good volt-meter, the 2032 lithium cell should measure very close to 3 volts.
If the voltage is less then 2.9 unloaded, replace the battery.

Next, clear the CMOS and then reset your BIOS setting preferences.

If that does not correct the problem, check with the motherboard manufacture for a BIOS update that addresses problems with Windows XP.

Do NOT flash the BIOS unless you are certain that the update is for your specific motherboard.

If you do decide to flash the BIOS, follow ALL precautions recommended by the motherboard manufacture.
I would even advise having the PC connected to a UPS while flashing the BIOS.

I have an Athlon based system that regularly goes into alarm mode on re-starts. But, is fine otherwise.
I suspect that there is a timing error in the PC health monitor code.

You might want to install a system monitor utility and verify that the CPU temperature and core voltage are in specification.
Mother Board Monitor is a common tool for this.


XP does work the CPU a bit harder than older version of Windows. So, it is possible that the CPU is getting close to the temperature limit set in the PC health section of BIOS settings.

If the CPU is getting hot, you may need a new or more powerful heat-sink and fan.


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