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      Invalid page fault in Win 98

      by jmellis ·

      In reply to pirate

      I am using a very old machine w/ only  64 mb of ram.
      I am trying to get a A+ practice exam to work on the PC, but keep getting the following message:

      TESTENGINE caused an invalid page fault in

      module HPFWIN08.DLL at 0013:000064ca.


      EAX=11a70000 CS=5aaf EIP=000064ca EFLGS=00000297

      EBX=00000000 SS=11a7 ESP=0000b870 EBP=0000b876

      ECX=00000000 DS=5a77 ESI=00000000 FS=0000

      EDX=00000000 ES=1897 EDI=00000001 GS=0000

      Bytes at CS:EIP:

      26 80 78 ff 3a 75 01 4e 56 06 53 66 ff 76 0c 9a

      Stack dump:

      131f5b0f bc58016f 5b172a1c 00000080 bb2a1897 05c711a7 016f131f 00470000

      00017570 8168cd54 8168cd54 0069e8cc bff7c8a0 81617a50 0000008f 8168cd54

      Any ideas on how to fix this invalid page fault, so that this program will run?

      Grateful for any help.
      John Ellis.

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