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Invalid page fault in Win 98

by jmellis In reply to pirate

I am using a very old machine w/ only  64 mb of ram.<br />
I am trying to get a A+ practice exam to work on the PC, but keep getting the following message:<br />
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">
TESTENGINE caused an invalid page fault in</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">module HPFWIN08.DLL at 0013:000064ca.</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">Registers:</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">EAX=11a70000 CS=5aaf EIP=000064ca EFLGS=00000297</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">EBX=00000000 SS=11a7 ESP=0000b870 EBP=0000b876</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">ECX=00000000 DS=5a77 ESI=00000000 FS=0000</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">EDX=00000000 ES=1897 EDI=00000001 GS=0000</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">Bytes at CS:EIP:</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">26 80 78 ff 3a 75 01 4e 56 06 53 66 ff 76 0c 9a </font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">Stack dump:</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">131f5b0f bc58016f 5b172a1c 00000080 bb2a1897 05c711a7 016f131f 00470000</font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">00017570 8168cd54 8168cd54 0069e8cc bff7c8a0 81617a50 0000008f 8168cd54 </font></h1>
<h1><font face="courier" size="1">Any ideas on how to fix this invalid page fault, so that this program will run?</font></h1>
<font face="courier" size="1">Grateful for any help.<br />
John Ellis.<br /></font><br />

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