Pitfalls and Issues Surrounding NT40 to Srv2003 Upgrades

By gwehe ·
I am desparately trying to upgrade a domain controller to W2K3 server from NT40SP6a. It is a relatively new server hardware and has a RAID array with an 8GB OS partition setup instead of the normal 4GB partition. NT installed just fine and runs great under this setup. When I attempt to install W2K3 (upgrade) from the CD the machine reboots and goes into the W2K3 setup feature and the BSOD's on me saying somnething about checking my disks. QUESTION: Since NT was ALREADY running fine under the 8GB OS partition, and W2K3 will have no problem using it, why am I getting the BSOD's? ALL HELP APPRECIATED.... Thanks

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Did you run the

by XT John In reply to Pitfalls and Issues Surro ...

Check system compatability from the main screen when you pop in the 2003 disk? The installation will usually let you know of any driver issues, etc. before getting to a BSOD. Sounds like a driver issue, maybe the RAID.

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2003 Server install just fine by itself...

by gwehe In reply to Pitfalls and Issues Surro ...

Initially, I had installed Win2003 Server onto the bare bones system, and it installed just fine on the server.... only to find out it would be much easier to install NT40, bring it as current as possible, make the server the PDC and then install W2003 Server as an upgrade over the top in order to bring a "bonafied" domaiin controller into the Domain without too much hassle... this is where I am having the difficulties

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