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PIX 506 Firewall Info Needed

By TomSal ·
Hi everyone.

Currently I'm on a project to review our existing security measures and formulate a new security strategy which then will be presented at a management meeting when my information is complete and accurate.

Looking into firewall solutions, Cisco's PIX 506 Firewall caught my attention. I'd like to know if anyone is familiar with PIX firewalls and if they could provide some general advice/info on them for me.

-How much would a PIX 506 solution cost?
-How capable is it as a firewall, are the things I hear true. People tell me PIX Firewalls are among the best firewalls ever created and offer excellent protection.
-How complex are they to install (this is a curiousity question, even if its "complex" to install I'll welcomethe challenge)
-I'm assuming they use IOS to interface and configure them, is this true? If not what DO they use?

Thanks for all your help in advance.


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by ms In reply to PIX 506 Firewall Info Nee ...

Ok Pix is quite good sollution but it does not provide full statefull inspection.
The second thing that 506 is using only 2 interfaces (no chance for DMZ)
It`s quite expensive if you compare it to others, and a bit hard to manage (if you want to so it mannualy)
Don`t use HTTP managing cause it`s to easy to DOS pix (http://pixIP/%%

But this is my opinion (I`m Checkpoint certified)

If You want something cheap and strong choose GTA sollution (gnatbox) or someting like Velociraptor -> now from Symantec.

If you need only two interfaces choose PIX

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by Jason Arnold In reply to PIX

I use pix 506 with an add-on interface for dmz. It comes with 2 interface and 2 expansion slots. I love the pix. It is very easy and out performs most other firewalls. It is very easy to configure once you learn the small handfull of commands that are common. It is also cheaper than checkpoint. If you do decide to go with checkpoint I recommend getting it on the nokia device. The 506 should run between 1500 and 3000 bux.

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