PIX 515 and Security Applicance Connectivity Issues

By pilot80 ·
I am connecting a server to a security applicance connected to a pix 515.
The PIX and the appliance are connected via a Vlan
The Appliance and the Server are connected via a Vlan
I can ping the appliance from the server.
I can ping both interfaces of the appliance from the server.
I can ping the firewall from the appliance.
I CANNOT ping the firewall from the server.
If I connect the firewall directly to the server and put them on the same Vlan, I can ping the firewall.

So, is the reason why I cannot ping the firewall that the firewall and the server are on 2 different Vlans, and that somehow the pix is blocking the reply?
Or any other reason?

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Do you have policies?

by SYNner In reply to PIX 515 and Security Appl ...

Does that security appliance have any policy to allow that traffic through? Does the pix have any policies to allow that traffic.

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by pilot80 In reply to Do you have policies?

Well, the pix is setup to allow icmp and icmp replies traffic.
The security appliance allows icmp traffic through also.
I think it has to do with a route on either the pix or appliance, or maybe an acl on the pix

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