PIX Firewall 515E Security Appliance - Can't Console in

By Warlocksg ·
Hi Guys,

I've a small problem with a set of PIX firewalls that my company has inherited from another company that went outta business. See, i had tried to console into the firewall box, with intentions on finding out the firmware used so that i could upgrade the firmware and in the process, erase all configs and set up the boxes to my company network.

Unfortunately, when i try to console in to both boxes, i don't see aby output when starting up the PIX firewalk box. Here's exactly what i had done:

1. Powered down Cisco PIX 515E box

2. Inserted rj45 end of the provided rollover cable (the blue cable that comes with all cisco routers, switches, firewalls)into the console port

3. Inserted the DB9 end of the Rollover cable to my laptop (currently using a DB9 to USB converter from prolific Technology, which i had no difficulty using when configuring the cisco switches in my current network)

4. Set up hyperterminal with the settings (9600 8-N-1).

5. Powered up Cisco PIX firewall

Now, i had expected to at least see something on hyperterminal, but for some reason, it remained blank all the way. And this had occured for both boxes, onh multiple tries. Can someone please help me and tell me if i am doing something wrong (wrong way of connection?) or is it more to a BOX issue? Thanks.



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No connectivity

by rjluvkc In reply to PIX Firewall 515E Securit ...

Sounds like youve done everything correctly, but I would suspect something with cable or usb converter. I would test against one of your switches again or another PIX to make sure its not your cable.

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Thanks for the reply

by Warlocksg In reply to No connectivity

Thanks for the reply, however, i have already vrified that there is nothing wrong with the cable, since i had used the same cable and DB9 to USB converter to configure the 3650 catalyst switch that was in the data centre earlier. Please advise. Thanks.



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check comm ports probably aren't using the right one

by Screen Gems In reply to PIX Firewall 515E Securit ...
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COM ports are virtual, due tothe fact i am using a DB9 to USB adapter

by Warlocksg In reply to check comm ports probably ...

Given that fact, does the PIX firewall ACTUALLY require a physical com port? I mean, can't the virtual comport provided by the adapter be enough for config? It had worked for my configuring of the catalyst 3650 switch that i have in my infra. Please advise. Thanks.



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