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    PIX Firewall VPN Dell Computer Conflict


    by terry-clapp ·

    I have run into a situation that is most puzzling. We have a site to site VPN created through a Cisco firewall/VPN appliance. If we connect Dell laptops or desktops into the PIX, they receive an IP address(DHCP) successfully and can ping the IIS server that is on the other side of the VPN. We can even Telnet into port 80 of the IIS server but if we start any web browser (IE, Netscape, Firefox) on the Dell boxes it sits there in an opening/waiting status forever. But if we connect an HP/Compaq system to the exact same PIX, it will hit the IIS server and render the starting web page without fail. We also were successful using IBM Thinkpads as well. All systems were running Windows XP SP2. This is really puzzling me since we are able to Telnet into port 80 from the Dells but cannot open the web server pages.

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      Do you use any proxy web servers? Try turning off proxy settings or untick Detect Settings in web browsers to see if you can get through.

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