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    PIX to ASA conversion/new T1 problems


    by warwickmt ·

    I have a PIX 515 firewall that I am getting ready to take out of service. I have a new ASA 5510 that I have configured with a mirrored configuration to the PIX. I am also getting ready to switch T1 providers. I would like to make the DNS tranfer as seamless as possible. I have configured an Inside interface on the ASA to connect to my internal network. I have configured an Outside interface to connect to the new T1. I have also configured a PIX interface that will have the same IP Address that I am using on the PIX. I have configured my Security Policy to mimic my PIX access list. So, I made an initial attempt at this conversion and it failed. I was able to get traffic to flow out, but I was unable to get traffic in. My question is this, Is it possible to get traffic to flow in on one T1 and flow out on another? I have not been able to get a straight answer on this one. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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