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    PIX501 behind a Cisco7200 Router


    by cwei ·

    Hi, Folks:

    Got a problem and stuck with it for days. I have a Cisco 7204VXR router (w/. 2 public IPs: 69.183.x.x & 70.135.x.x) connected with a full T1 line. I try to put a PIX501 behind it to protect a small network (70.135.x.x & 10.1.1.x). Now the PCs behind the PIX can browse and fully functional. But I have a server that needs to be reached from outside. I could not make this part work. This server is not even pingable from outside. NAT and Static Routes are setup on the PIX. Please tell me is the problem is on the 7200 router, not the PIX? Please help.

    Thanx a lot.


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