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PKI ,the need to secure at data level.

By rudisill ·
e-Security in Healthcare: Looking to the Future

As paper files are digitized, they?re more vulnerable than ever to theft, prying eyes, malicious pranks, hacking?or just plain accidents. For all these reasons?plus the strict privacy requirements of the new HIPAA regulations?its more critical than ever for all in the healthcare arena to secure digital content?in all forms, text, audio, and video.

The question is, how to implement PKI? Does your organization want to assume the time, expenseand risk? Are you willing to bring in the necessary expertise?and will you be able to attract the best and brightest? (Highly dubious unless you are one of the very largest companies, with a commanding benefits package.) Consider the options:
Option 1: Build It Yourself:
Option 2: Purchase a Toolkit and Assemble It:
Option 3: Get "PKI in The Box"and save yourself the cost, complexity and time of a traditional implementation.

I would be happy to discuss this with any one interested.

Paul Rudisill Ph.D.

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