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Place image on bottom of table in Dreamw

By michalk ·
Hi there,

I have been trying to place an image on the bottom a table within a website in Dreamweaver 4. The "absbottom" and "bottom" tags don't place the image on the bottom, but relative to other text or content.

I'm trying to create a curved table effect, and will only need to place small images in all four corners, however I can't place them on the bottom two corners.


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Use valign in table

by Sparkytd In reply to Place image on bottom of ...

Being not a big proponent of any WYSIWIG editor, I'll tell you the code, and you can take it from there....

<td valign="bottom"> or <td valign="baseline"> and in your image tag, specify <img align="baseline/absmiddle/bottom">

What you need to realize is that the alignment of the image is dependant on where the bottom of the line exists on the page/section where it is being displayed. Because all table data cells are defaulted to a center/middle alignment of content, you must *explicitly* state that you want the content of your table data cell to appear at the very bottom of the cell. Lastly, if you are still seeing a space, chances are you haven't set the cellpadding/cellspacing atts in your table tag:
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

without that, there will always be a tiny invisible border that seperates your cells. by placing a 0 in each, the border is gone, and the images will appear together.

Hope that helps.


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