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    placement student


    by derbydave ·

    I am a second year student studying for a computers degree in networks. I would like some advice on how to get a good placement for my third year as most of the company’s I have sent my C.V to so far have been less than enthusiastic. I already work 5 nights a week as well as study full time during the day and so I am committed to my chosen career. But I am still not getting the response I had hope for. Any suggests would be appreciated.

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      keep on looking

      by mikeking23 ·

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      I’m in my last semester at school and have been at a very good internship going on 2 years. I landed it by just putting my name out there. Go to as many job fairs and expos as you can. If you can’t find anything in your area look around. It is probably too late to get a summer one though. Also, your school track is very unique. I’ve never heard of a major that specified. That might be working against you. companies might want to hire you, but maybe they don’t have any openings in their networking department right now, and that’s why they don’t pick you up. Vary your experience and knowlege and be willing to take a job outside of your field for now. When there is an opening, the networking job is there for the taking.

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