planning and designing a 5 star hotel network infrastructure.

By prav5ive ·
well friend im searching for any kinda help concerning this topic. preferable a master or bachelor degree project in networking. i have to plan the complete network infrastructure for a hotel from scratch with all its configuration. thanks...

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Well I would start off by

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to planning and designing a ...

Employing a Professional to design the Layout as they will know what is required how to achieve it and probably much more importantly how to keep future customers happy.

Cutting corners without knowing what you are doing is not the way to design anything let alone a 5 Star Hotel. I wouldn't be staying in any place that could not do even something this simple professionally.

OH and yes this type of thing is picked up very quickly once the place opens and probably more importantly is picked up by the customers even faster and the Message gets out extremely fast.


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I hate to say this to anyone but

by robo_dev In reply to Well I would start off by

if you have a million-dollar budget, asking for advice on a free Internet forum is not the best way to begin.

While there are some people here who can give good advice at how to fix specific problems, the task of designing the infrastructure for a modern hotel will cost tens of thousands of dollars, minimum.

The network infrastructure is a small part of a much more complex infrastructure system in the hotel, which would include power distribution, emergency power distribution, security alarm systems, heating/cooling communication, video surveillance, etc. etc.

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Looks like

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Well I would start off by

yet another homework assignment...

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