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    Planning for a Career


    by johnster ·


    Could not find a suitable topic to post my question so I have decided to post it in Managing your career.

    I recently completed my diploma in Information Technology and I’m planning to continue my studies in the university. I would like work in the IT industry after I graduate from the university. I wish to become a IT manager and a CIO in the future in a vendor type company providing solutions (areas include networking and security, business, softwares) for clients. But before that everything starts small.

    1. Would like to know what kind of program should I pursue in the university that can leads me to my dreams?

    – Computer Science (Pure Programming and stuffs)
    – Business Information Technology (Business Related with project management)

    2. Is it true that IT manager should starts off as a programmer?

    3. What would be a good 1st job to do after I graduate?

    4. Will certification helps? CCNA, etc….

    Thanks for reading.

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      Reply To: Planning for a Career

      by kevin203 ·

      In reply to Planning for a Career

      I dont know much in programming but i am doing customize application analysis.

      An IT manager is not necesary to start with programmer although i am not an IT manager…hehe

      Good job? Any will do as long as you are in IT industry especialy in IT Servicing and Consultancy. You will learn a lot there.

      Certification helps the begining of your career and experience will do the rest.

      This is what i think… hope can help

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      Reply To: Planning for a Career

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to Planning for a Career

      I don’t think you are really looking to become an IT manager or CIO. You state a specific focus are (IT solutions vendor) so it sounds more like you are looking to become a consultant.

      The IT managers or CIO of solution vendors have the same focus as their company customers IT managers and CIO. This focus is either on running an efficient IT department to support the business or helping bridge the business requirement to technical objective aspect.

      If you want to define the products and solutions, a better role may be chief scientist. For this, pursue your masters in a given area such as security after completing your bachelors in CS.

      On your questions, Business Information Technology is a better approach since it includes business aspects. An IT manager should have a background in the area he manages, but today that can be either in applications or networks. Certifications will help land the 1st job, and that should be with a firm where you can gain experience in your target direction.

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      Reply To: Planning for a Career

      by stevecottle ·

      In reply to Planning for a Career

      I work as a Consulting Principal in the type of company at which you express an interest in working. Our company has two career paths, technical and business. My path is on the business side. The market is flooded with people with CS and MIS degrees. To answer your first question, given the choice you’ve offered, I’d recommend the BIT. Having said that, this does little to differentiate you from others. What sort of industry would you like to work with? My specialty is insurance, especially life insurance. I had the advantage of having worked for a software vendor while pursuing my degree. As a result, I earned a degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science that has served me well. It’s the combination of technical knowledge and experience and business knowledge and experience that differentiates me in the marketplace.

      Not every IT manager starts as a programmer, nor do they need to, but I’d recommend that you get some programming experience. You’ll be asked to provide estimates for how long things take. How will you know if you’ve never done them or seen them done? One form this can take is by donating some of your time and energy to non-profit groups in your area to help them with their application needs. This looks great on a new graduate’s resume and will expose you to the organization’s donors (your future employers).

      Certification will help, but not the kind you are thinking of. For example, to get a career started in the insurance systems field, I’d look into insurance certifications.

      You want to look and act like what you are trying to be. While pursuing your education, invest in your appearance as well as basic skills. You need to be able to write a cogent sentence. Speak clearly and concisely. Present yourself in a professional manner.

      Good luck making your decision. The ability and desire to plan ahead bodes well for your future.

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      Reply To: Planning for a Career

      by aldanatech ·

      In reply to Planning for a Career

      I would suggest a degree in Computer Information Systems from the Capella University School of Technology:

      You get the flexibility of on-line education, they have a wide range of specialties, and they can even count certifications such as CCNA towards credit.

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      Reply To: Planning for a Career

      by ammar.rasool ·

      In reply to Planning for a Career


      Its really good of you to have the goal clear and what you want to be in the future.

      but i have some ideas for you to think about first before chosing your job position in the future.

      1- dont Aim on a job position, keep it wider, thats is Aim to be in the IT field and all its requirments, and that which might arise in the future.

      2- as you mentioned, you are still in the university and havn’t seen the market and how does it work, Give your self a chance to work first and then you might like to be something else.

      chosing to be a CIO is a great thing, but i suggest that you read more about CIO’s and get to know what do they do in life. you can check , its a great resource which will even help you decide whether you want to do what cio’s do.

      its not necessary to be a programmer first to be a cio, but its an advantage and a very good one.

      you see e.g you can be a school principle without becoming a teacher, but if you where a teacher and then a principle, you will know how teachers think and how they view their principle and you will be able to manage them right.

      i really wish you all the best in your future.
      and in IT always keep it open because the market needs changes alot.

      by the way the CIO position has just came to life in the 80’s, so it might go and another position arise in the market, as i said it all depends on the market needs.

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