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By zirac50 ·
Hi all, im a newbee on this site and need some advice on my career planning. I got recently laid off and planning to go back to school in IT. I finished my A.S. Degree in Electronics few years ago, and now has a limited time and financial budget for schooling. My passion with networking encourage me to obtain a marketable bachelor degree in IT. Based on my research about what programs to take, school and job availability, confused me to finalized my decision. There is a program available in my area which is the BS in CIS that would take me almost 4years. The program advisor advised me that based on financial budget and time, It would be faster for me to go for the BA in Computer Science (3years including some of my AS credits). I have looked the courses both BSCIS and BACS, and the CIS is what interest most. I was wondering if I could pull some student loan would be worth it in terms of getting an IT job? Would it be easier to get an IT if you have BS than BA?
I know there are lots of IT employers here that can give me a good advise to where to start.

In addition, the BS in CIS does not have a servers and network administration courses, but it does have some database management, database programming and networking programming.

My last route would be obtaining some sort of certs since I am interested in networking or in technical support/ admin. Would this be a good idea? or the BS would be better start?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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.02 cents

by ---TK--- In reply to Planning IT career

Figure out what you want to do... and go for it!

Its kind of all just a bunch of gibberish... Why? I work with some of the most brilliant people I have ever met, and most of them don't have a degree or cert. What they have is experience from the .com bubble. Companies hired a whole mess of people (young and old) and trained them, which gave them experience.

Me on the other hand, mostly self taught... But I couldn't get a job in the field b/c I had no professional experience, and no degree. So I went and got a Associates in Computer Science (computer networking systems), 3 years later I am doing what I enjoy... But going bald cause it is a headache at times...

Education is always a plus, certs are always a plus, and cramslam courses that cert you up suck!

You already have a degree. You could go and get a couple "easy" certs that will get you a foot in any door. Look into "A+ Certification" and "network + certification", buy a couple books and study... with those two certs + a degree (regardless if its not associated with the position... it shows that you can learn) you should be just fine... In getting a foot in a door.

Added: Sounds stupid, but stick around and lurk through the forums here.... We get all kinds of interesting issues, read through the posts and you will find some great tools to use and play with! Also TR will help you build your trouble shooting skills, and what you don't know research it and find an answer, and post it up :) (watch out for zombie posts though)... TR is what I use to keep up on my trouble shooting skills. Also there are alot of really smart people on here with great ideas.

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to Planning IT career

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter if the program which is best for you has server admin courses or not. Computer Info Systems or Computer Science degrees might actually be better than getting a Computer Networking degree. The more generic degree is a little more flexible.

I got my BS majoring in Computer Networking. Most of the stuff you need to know you learn thru teaching yourself or job experience.

From my experience, all the employer really cares about is a 4-year degree in "computers".

As for student loan debt. I ended up with a significant chunk of debt and paying them off straight out neutralizes a good chunk of my income. You have to decide for yourself but I think a 4-year degree is worth the debt, not necessarily from the perspective of that you'll learn a whole lot but more from the perspective that you will be a whole lot more marketable.

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My other .02

by voldar In reply to Planning IT career

I agree with -TK- at 100%. Why ? Because you already have a major/degree and a major/degree is = you are capable of learning new things. Nothing more. You don't learn in school how to solve problems, but where to look when you got problems. 4 years from now, what you'll learn in school will be already obsolete. So, go on with the certs and a lot of self training. It's the best thing for you.

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