Planning my present and furture entertainment

By Dave 2000 ·
Hi all, first post so hello to all.

I am looking to 'start afresh' with my media plans. I plan to build a new library of music and films onto a large external drive. I have used Nero and Magic DVD ripper ect in the past and tend to use VLC for play back on my laptop (Panasonic TB 19), this is a work device and I will purchase a new machine for personal movie viewing or playing on my large TV via wireless link. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and on the odd ocassion watch the odd 'Top Gear' episode but my plan is to use it to play back music and video through my car entertainment system. I have access to a large collection of DVDs and Music CDs to copy for er......backup purposes.

So now you know what I want to do what is the best way to do it? Technology has moved on and I understand it will continue to do so, so I need advice with:

The best ripper to use
The correct format to use
The best playback software, VLC seems adequate but is there an 'all in one' ripper/player?
Compression to get as many DVDs and Cds stored on one drive and retain good quality, I am not interested in sub titles/special scenes ect just the main movie and audio.
And anything else I should know.

I fully understand that this question can create substantial debate as everyone has there preferences, feel free to tell me what you like and why. I have spent many years in IT as a lecturer in colleges and Uni but have been 'out of the loop' for quite awhile so do not want to get bogged down with a very complex piece of software that takes 20 minutes to load and configure, I remain a PC user and presently use WIN 7 now that XP Pro is in for the chop (one of the best OS that MS ever came up with) so PC use it is....and will stay.

Many thanks in advance guys and girls

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by Athamyr In reply to Planning my present and f ...

I recommend the H.264 codec for encoding videos and either .mp4(Mpeg4) or .mkv(Matroska video) as they are of Blue-ray quality. Of course is you are ripping a DvD, it will only reduce the size of the video.

And for ripping, I recommend "ffmpeg", though it is a bit complicated to install.

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by Dave 2000 In reply to Formats

Thanks for that, when you say encoding videos, can I assume there is an option as to what format they are saved in and the ffmpeg software has this option?

Thanks again


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by Athamyr In reply to Formats

Yeah, you can save them as mp4, vob, mkv, flv etc.

Though I'll say it right now, it is a command line based software. But if you know basics of windows batch file command, it allows you to format multiple files in a row.

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Batch files

by Dave 2000 In reply to Planning my present and f ...

Hmmm, I have played with com lines ect but was looking for something a little more plug and play.................oh god.....remember that line when WIN 95 came out? 8&gt

many thanks


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