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playback sound slow-mo

By garzam ·
I recently installed os xp pro on a pc that i think is able to handle it. Processor speed of 433mhz + 128 megs of sdram. It also has a 18 speed cd burnner & cd player and records just fine, music or data cd's using either easy cd creator or nero burnning rom. The problem i'm having is that the playback from the pc's player or burnner is in slow motion, some times it starts playing fine (regular speed) then slow's down.
This pc is using dial-up modem and the service is AOL and when the AOL welcome voice comes on it is in slow-motion too.

any help is appreciated


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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to playback sound slow-mo

Check to see if there is an updated XP driver for your sound card.

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by Oz_Media In reply to playback sound slow-mo

Definitely points at your sound card. Either th edriver needs updating or the card isn't XP compatible.
The latest Windows XP HCL can be downloded here.

I've recently read similar on another site and it was a compatibility issue.

You mentioned tha the PC should be able to handle XP but XP although resource dependant is more apt to have compatibility issues than processor speed issues.

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to playback sound slow-mo

Control Panel\Sounds and Audio Devices\Audio\in the Sound Playback box, make sure the Default Device is correct, and/or click Advanced\Performance\Sample Rate Conversion Quality\if the slider is all the way to e 'Best", then set the slider at halfway...see if that helps.

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to playback sound slow-mo

On another point, have you updated your Easy CD Creator drivers to work with XP?

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