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    Playing with the enemy


    by h.sepehri ·

    In order to go into enemy territory[ hacker sites] I know I have to be well prepared. I have never attempted to do it before, but I feel there will be alot to gain from them. I was wondering how I should prepare my computer for it. I would like to go in without a trace or scent. I am hoping to learn what tools they use and what I need to do to my network to protect from them.

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      use this site

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Playing with the enemy

      1. create a guest account on your machine
      and log on as it when you surf.

      2. in IE, which is what I am assuming you are using, set your active x controls to either prompt or disabled. Active Scripting should also be set to prompt.

      3. Make sure your hotfixes are all up to date.

      4. Disable the messenger service.

      5. Update your virus software to the latest definitions, make sure it is set to scan all files and heuristics. Not only system files, but downloaded files.

      6. I also surf with regedit open, and set to the following key: hklm/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run

      As I surf I refresh that key and see what has been installed and promptly remove the files before they get in use. Now you can keep regedt32 open or set the reg key’s permission. But then you lose the ability to see what files have been donwloaded onto your system in real time.

      7. Run a search after you are done for new files created on that day. You can then see what other files you may have missed.

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