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By craigcroft ·
I know this is more of a computer tech forum but I was hoping someone may have some advice on fixing my sons playstation 2.It stopped reading most discs and I found a site that walked me thru cleaning the lens which i did but I also tried to adjust the lens, I put it all back together and it worked for a day and now its broke again.Does anyone have any suggestions other than buying a new one?
thanks in advance.

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by asredas In reply to playstation 2

if its the older bigger ps2 then i wouldnt bother trying to fix it as it will just keep breaking, I went through 3 of them and they have all had the same problem. My son has one and that has happened to his too. Tried all sorts to get them to work but short of buying new parts you wont get it working and even the new parts may not help.

Tbh i would just buy a newer slimmer one as the one i had i never had any trouble with at all and it was on for hours on end. Sold it now but i know who bought it and its still running fine. just pray my 360 stays the same!!

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