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Please Can anyone solve the following networking question for me

By mjabim ·
a local university is bout to implement an information kiosk for students to view their contact details, and update them. the system will invlove 5 terminals installed around the campus, from which students will access the kiosk. These terminals will be based upon popular web-browsing sofwtare such as netscape and explorer. They are not required to access the WWW but only the kiosk system should be accessible.
The campus is large and the distance between the terminals may be upto 1000 mtrs.
a) describe wit a diagram or network model u will use to solve the problem. Indicate the network technologies that will be used and why.
b) describe all standards and protocols that would be used in implementing this TCP/IP
c) mayb the university want to extend this system so students at 2 other campuses could use it. Discuss wat changes in infrastructure would require.?

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by DC_GUY In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

Why does this question look exactly like someone's class project?

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by dwdino In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

Lots of heavy guage fishing line and a sack full of aluminum cans.

Where more than 2 nodes need to communicate, twist fishing lines together.

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Anyone that answers correctly gets an A+

by JimHM In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

This looks like someones final assignment in Networking or Systems design class. Hum - Can we say Clueless.

Use two tin can's and 2,000 feet of waxed dental floss.

MJ you can't really think someone is going to answer your final project question now do you.

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The Correct Answer

by Jeff Anderson In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

Hire a contractor and problem is solved.

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Jeff but first

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The Correct Answer

Make sure that no IT students have any thing to do with the project as they will screw it up.


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real answer

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

Just to prove what a ******* I can be hear is a real world answer.

Set up an Intranet server to handle this in a secure room, then load the 5 terminals with the basic software needed. Connect a wireless router to the server and install wireless cards in each PC. If the layout of the campus causes to much degredation for any one kiosk set up a wireless relay at an appropriate secure point.

All machines set up with static IP addresses and the router set to ignore anything not comming from the approved IP addresses.

Dearer on hardware but not restrictions re location, other than power, and totally adjustable and expandable. No high security info and no linkages to the Internet or other systems, so no major risk from drive by hackers.

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Nice answer - they still have to research

by JimHM In reply to real answer

Nice answer they still have some research to do - now if they would put the question - more in the tone - of I am a student and need a little guidance - would of gotten more answers like yours.. rather than like mine.

Some day these students will learn to ask for help rather than acting like they know..

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I love these answers - well, most of them

by maxwell edison In reply to Please Can anyone solve t ...

These homework questions that are posted with the obvious intent to have someone do the thinking and the work are ones I always avoid.

What the person should have done is post the problem, just like he did, and then post his own solution based on his own research.

Then ask the "professionals" around here to shoot holes in his plan so he can make it even better.

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Or a Forum for Homework questions

by JimHM In reply to I love these answers - we ...

Good idea - but maybe Techrepublic should have a Homework solution center - where students can enter their question - post their solutions (like you said) then those that want can make recommendation and question the solution. The best way to find problems is to defend your recommendations.

Techrepublic also needs a section for all our Political discussion to separate them from the technical side of the house.

I like it -

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