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Please Don't Feed the Wildlife

By maxwell edison ·
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Any Park Ranger will tell us to refrain from feeding the wildlife, lest they become dependent on the handouts.

Food Stamps in America are being handed out at record levels.

I guess people aren't as smart (or as important) as wildlife.

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few want to enslave the wildlife, but the political parties want to enslave

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Please Don't Feed the Wil ...

the people - it's that simple.

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The road to **** is paved with good intentions

by AV . In reply to Please Don't Feed the Wil ...

That's an excellent comparison, Max. I fail to understand why 47 million people receive food stamps. This is an interesting link about the food stamp program

The problem I have with food stamps is that it has become a way of life for too many people. The food stamp program was meant to be a temporary helping hand in hard times, not permanent supplemental income. As long as our government continues to hand out "free" assistance, there will always be takers who game the system. The "free" government assistance is not actually free, it is paid for by the taxpayers through wealth redistribution.


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Unemployment has a lot to do with it

by robo_dev In reply to The road to hell is paved ...

The U.S. labor market was already shrinking before the recession, more wage inequality and fewer good jobs.

If our electronics and clothes are made in China, our cars are made in Mexico, and your PC support comes from Hyderbad, where are the good paying factory jobs we saw in the 1960s-1990s??? Where are the good entry-level IT jobs?

They are gone forever.

People have to eat. Living is poverty is not a lifestyle choice. Nearly two million veterans and active-duty military personnel are on food-stamps and more than $100M of food-stamp spending happens on military bases.

The food stamp program costs $72B a year. Raising taxes on the rich will bring in $80B a year. Problem solved.

Is there fraud, waste, and abuse? Of course there is, it's a government program.

But would lots of kids go to bed hungry without it? Yup.

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I think it's an absolute disgrace...

by john.a.wills In reply to Unemployment has a lot to ...

that soldiers are not paid enough to feed themselves and their families. Surely this is one part of the military budget that we can all agree should be increased. The food stamps bill would get slightly lower, though not enough to offset the military wage increases.

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Part of the reason

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I think it's an absolute ...

is because a large chunk of the military budget is spent buying hardware the military neither asked for nor wants. Gotta keep those factories running back in the state / district, dontchakno? But remember, government doesn't create jobs! [/sarcasm]

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I totally agree

by AV . In reply to I think it's an absolute ...

Its just disgraceful that any of our military are underpaid after the sacrifices that they made for our country.


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More veterans commit suicide each year than die in combat...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I totally agree

even in the years with heavy losses.
Coming home to empty homes with eviction notices isn't all that uncommon, I hear.

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Yeah, but 47 million people?

by AV . In reply to Unemployment has a lot to ...

Take out the military, unemployed or underemployed and maybe some seniors and the number is still unbelievably high. The program is supposed to be for the needy and I find it hard to believe there are that many needy people in this country. I think there are probably quite a few people that have eked out a lifestyle based on government welfare programs.

I've known a few over the years and they take advantage of every available program that there is. One woman I know of is on disability. She is married, her husband works and they have 3 kids. They live in a $400,000 house. She collects $16,000 a year from Social Security and receives $8000 a year for each child. Her husband works in IT and makes a 6 figure salary. Thats a good deal, isn't it? They go on more vacations than I do.

I used to babysit for woman with 4 kids whose husband left her. She went on welfare, received food stamps. Welfare got her a house, fully subsidized, to live in. She went to college for free and worked under the table for extra money. All of their healthcare was for free. She did get her degree and got a job and off the programs, but you can live a pretty nice lifestyle using government programs.

I agree that we need to give a helping hand to the needy, but it seems to me that our current food stamp and welfare programs do not have enough oversight to prevent abuse like this. Also, there are many charity organizations that provide help for the needy. Shouldn't it be the role of charities to provide this help for the most part and not the taxpayers? If we are spending $72B a year just on food stamps, we should be looking at why.


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Sounds like government help did what it was intended to do

by DelbertPGH In reply to Yeah, but 47 million peop ...

Your second lady, whose husband left and who eventually got a degree and a job, seems to have taken advantage of the programs and made herself a successful, independent economic agent who supports her children without further direct assistance. Sounds to me like a great justification for those programs. Too bad the hardship cases aren't all like her.

Your other lady doesn't sound as sweet, but if she's disabled and she worked before being laid low, then she's entitled to disability payments from Social Security. I assume the kids must be from a prior husband, since I don't believe they'd be entitled to support payments if she lived with their father. Is she actually married to husband #2?

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It did work out for the second lady

by AV . In reply to Sounds like government he ...

But, why wasn't her bum of a husband held accountable? Instead it was us taxpayers? Surely he must have had a job somewhere.

The other lady is one of those people that knows how to game the system. The kids are from her current husband and SS still pays her for them. I don't understand how that can be, but its true. Supposedly, she is terminally ill and should have been dead awhile ago, but I met her and there is nothing disabled about her. I don't think she has ever held a real job. To me, SS should investigate the doctor that put her on disability in the first place.


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