Please give me your precious advice that how to use hdd as ram

By rawal_nitin ·
I am student of BCA 3 rd sem

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You can not use a HDD as RAM

by OH Smeg In reply to Please give me your preci ...

They are completely different pieces of hardware.

You can only use a HDD to Store a Virtual RAM which is a Swap/Page File Type thing.

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by JJRichey In reply to You can not use a HDD as ...

Yup, sorry but only as a page/cache file. If thats what you mean, double click on MY COMPUTER, on the upper left choose "View System Information" and in the System Properties window choose the Advanced tab. In the "Performance" box click on the "Settings" box, then the "Advanced" tab on window that pops up. On the bottom of that box there is a button for "Virtual Memory", and a button to change it. Hope that helps.

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well you can use a thumb drive...

by CG IT In reply to yupper

but that depends on it's size.

When you insert a thumb drive into your USB port, Vista will ask if you want to use it to speed up your computer.

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I think he means

by Dr Dij In reply to You can not use a HDD as ...

use RAM as HDD instead.

if you get a ram drive software, you can use a section of RAM as a drive letter, even copy files, put database files in them to speed up reads.

however the drive evaporates when you turn off your computer, so you either need to manually copy the file from ramdrive to your HDD before you shut off computer,

or the software needs to do this automatically.

This kind of software was common in hte 'early days' of computers, much less so now that computers and HDD are alot faster.

Back in the 'good ole days...' when I used to write my lessons on a non-charcoal colored slate computer and walk one mile to the campus bus in the dark to drive 10 miles thru the snow to the math center where the only ARPANET terminal in the state was (both ways UPHILL)

The only computer game was zork and we had to login to MIT systems after hours to access the vax cluster. Our only local game was StarSh*t, a spoof of StarTrek: Warp out! Yahoo let's go get the F*ckers! and the only computer around was an S/360, and we typed our programs in RPG in punchcards, or TSO BASIC and we loved it! :)

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Or I suppose they could be asking about SSD's.

by OH Smeg In reply to I think he means

Using some of it's capacity to increase the System RAM maybe. I don't know about that one but at least it wouldn't be Volatile RAM would it?

OK I'm too young to have used Punch Cards I'm just a Old Fart not a Complete Dinosaur but actually I worked with the newer systems and never was allowed to play with the Old ones. Mainly because the people in charge had way too much sense to allow me to do as I pleased.

I sort of miss that experience now though at the time I had more than enough on my plate to contend with things like those Hydraulic Controlled HDD's that could spurt a jet of oil across a Server Room as soon as you look the wrong way at them. Wasn't clean work like Computers are supposed to be.

But it was certainly a lot of Fun and I did like standing in Main Frame Rooms after the 74 Floods here armed with a Fire Hose hosing out the Crap covering everything and those good old Halon Fire Suppression Systems where never dull to be around. During those floods all of the Bottles of Halon not bolted down floated away never to be seen again most of the time but at one place that I went to I started down the stairs in the dark because the water was rising outside and ran across white bubbles emerging from the muddy water. At least one of the Halon Bottles had tried to float away and must have been trapped under something after breaking away from the Gas Lines. It certainly did look very Adams Family but I erred on the side of Caution and evacuated the area reasoning that if the Bottles had broken loose the Main Frame Room was already underwater which was a fairly safe bet considering that I was still three floors above the server room and looking at water rising.


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