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Please give me your support

By Shanghai Sam ·
A question everyone ask to himself troughout his life is am I happy with my job??

well some people are really happy to wake up in the morning and go to work, well I do not when it is time to go to work surely I am not satisfied with my job. You might ask why, ok here is the answer: I go to work and ask my boss if he wants to implement a new service he gives me the ok and I start to work on the proccess he just ask what I am doing and tell him that I am working over the new services, well that seems ok but her is the evil twist around it all he says how told to you that start working on this.

You might even say it is ok well I dont share your point of view if this was a critical decsion and I had to recieve an ok from my boss nad thenthings turn out wrong I will be blamed.

Do you think I shopuld turn and find greener pastuers for my carrer?? Cause there is something more depressing than this I have signed the contract of employment and it clearly stated that I must report tothe CEO & to the Financial Controller up to now it is ok for me, but when an accountant was employed and presented to they said that I should report to him too, and think that I no time I will reporting even to the maid.

Something else that makesme get even more frustrated is that I was employed as an IT Administrator but stranegly enough I have no say when it comes to IT matters, I am only included or infromed about an It matter when It comes to problem Solving.

Please do share your opinion with depressed co-worker, I think we IT people should be respected for the work we perform and since we are in the Field we can help[ the company reduce costs and get higher profits so it would not be a bad idea if we were respectited a bit more.


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Time to move on...

by kelly_aitch In reply to Please give me your suppo ...

I think you may want to polish up the resume.

Two things seem to be happening:
1. There seems to be some confusion about what your boss is telling you, no? Sorry if I misunderstand what you are saying here, but the guy seems to be playing some sort of mind game. Regardless of the details, you can't do a quality job for someone who is taking conflicting positions every time you turn around.

2. Responsibility without authority - I'm familiar with this. You taking the blame when someone else makes the decisions isn't fair, and shouldn't be tolerated.

Life is too short to struggle like this. Quietly get your resume in circulation, keep your cool and do your job competently (or as best you can, given the conditions you describe), andat the first attractive offer, move on it.

Above all, hang in there - you deserve better.


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