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By navooh ·
My husband is in iraq right now. one of his friends gave him a laptop before he left. The problem is, the computer doesnt have an administrator account except for guest. Remember, he's in iraq and through this computer is the only way i could communicate with him. But he needs to keep the computer running good and install some programs to help with viruses and improve the computer, but he cannot do this because he's not the administrator. His friend that gave him the computer is done with his tour and could not get a hold of him. But my husband did say, that when you start up the computer, it goes straight to guest account and theres no administrator. Please help fix this problem so that we will continue to communicate while he's deployed...Thank You!!!

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try logging off...

by Ken Wolf In reply to Please Help

Try this....
Click start button and, if the log off selection is there, log off. Or if he does not see "log off" as a choice, select "shut down".Either choice should bring up a dialog box that gives him the option to shut down or "log off Guest". He would want to log off the Guest account. When the log on dialog box appears, change the user name from Guest to Administrator. Since there is no way to know what the password is for the Administrator account, he is going to have to guess, using maybe "password" (without the quotes)as the password or try leaving the password field blank.
The Administrator account cannot be deleted, so it should still be available to use for logging on. The problem is going to be figuring out what the password is for the account.
Good Luck, let us know how it works out!

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