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    please help


    by matthewgraham2 ·

    Last week my girlfriend bought me toshiba satellite M100,two days later i walked in on her with another bloke in my bed..shes gone an the only useful thing im left with is my laptop. But of course i hadnt set up yet and still had her old password or fingerprint registered,please tell me there is a way of getting around this bios password or is there no hope at the end of my tunnel

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      by matthewgraham2 ·

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      If you reload the system

      by hal 9000 ·

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      From the Recovery CD’s that came with the new Toshiba you’ll be up and running with a new NB in no time at all.


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      Is It

      by robert_ireland ·

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      Is it a bios password or a system password? cheers

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