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Please Help!

By arkendu ·
My computer automatically highlights the last choice on any drop down menu including the lowermost icon on the desktop,Dvds cutomatically skip forward by 5 seconds, moving the cursor casues erratic flicker of the highlight bar over the options on any drop down menus, I have run most of the antivirus programmes available including Norton and McAfee but no virus were detected I have formatted the Hard drive, reinstalled OS (windows XP Pro) but the problem remains. What could it possibly be? any help is welcome

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Try the simple things

by zlitocook In reply to Please Help!

Erratic behavure with things being high lighted can be caused by a dirty keyboard or mouse. Have you tried replacing them or making sure they are plugged in tight?
Use the task manager to see what proccess are running and check to see if your CPU is maxing out, there is a free program called proccess explorer which will show what is running and what is running with it.
Try updating your drivers and flash your BIOS if possible. Let me know if this helps or not I like strange problems.

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Simple things

by Kiltie In reply to Try the simple things

I agree with that.

Most likely are keyboard (sticking key) Mouse (either similar, or a sw program installed, many do)

But I don't agree that flashing the BIOS is a "simple thing" do that as a last resort, after trying the others maybe.

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Does not help

by arkendu In reply to Simple things

hello everyone tried cleaning the mouse, (I use an optical scrol mouse)dusted the keyboard too cleaned the jacks and reinserted them firmly, Did not flash the BIOS but did restore the fail safe settings of the BIOS, problem persists, Latest is whenever the computer plays pranks it flashes a pop up window saying "Hello Worm" any other ideas, am waiting .

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Uh you need

by zlitocook In reply to Does not help

To scan your computer and do it in safe mode. Update your antivirus turn off system restore reboot as it boots up hit the F8 key to go into safe mode scan your computer. If it dose not find any thing run spybot, adaware, crap cleaner. Do you have any live CD's they are ether Linux or Winpe on CD that you can use to fix and do other things to a computer. With out using the hard drive.
It sounds like ether your computer have a virus or has been hijacked. Do you have a good back up for your computer?

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