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By nrokin ·
Ok my mothers computer which is a HP Pavilion 754 running Windows XP currently will not boot up, and she has called the HP tech support and they checked her BIO's and hardware reseated the RAM and everything is fine, hardware bios everything. Now the thing is.. she has not reformatted her computer in over 3+ years and had some Trojans on there, i kept urging her to Reformatt and of course never did. so i would like anyone with any information to please help and contact me via E-mail , and Thank you all whom take the time to read and (if) reply to this post. Thank you so much.

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by John-P In reply to Please Help!

Well, first I think we need a little more info.

You mention that they checked it and ?everything is fine?. So what exactly is it doing?

Next, if it?s hanging after the BIOS check while loading Windows, you can try booting to Safe Mode (usually by pressing F8 during the BIOS check), or a repair install.


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by vcbitoon In reply to Please Help!

If you format your hard disk be sure that the most important data is backup or copied to another hardisk prior to the formatting.

Formatting procedure is not so difficult.
just prepare your windows XP CD And insert it when your ready.

to be continued


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by nrokin In reply to Please Help!

OK when she boots the computer she gets the hp blue screen option of f1 or f10 or going into the bios and if she doesnt do anything it just goes to a black screen.. now i dont know much of the insides of computers and or what some things are so i cant really be to descriptive . thanks john for replying . and when i ment everything was fine i ment that they said her hardware was fine because it started up and her bios that she read off to them were normal i guess. i hope this helps

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by mjd420nova In reply to Please Help!

I think a little more info is needed
does the cable from the monitor or
display to the computer connected
at a connector off by itself or in
a cluster of other connectors. I'm
talking about the computer end of the
cable now, not the display end.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Please Help!

You'll need to go into BIOS and change some settings. The main ones are the Date & Time and then the CPU.

Then check on save settings and the computer should boot normally. If you keep loosing all the BIOS settings when the unit is turned off then the most likely thing is that the BIOS Battery has gone flat and is not allowing the data to remain stored in BIOS if this has happened all you need do is remove the mains lead and then remove the battery and refit a new one with the - Negative side closest to the M'Board . You will need a 2032 Lithium Battery which you can buy anywhere for a few $ Radio Shack and places like that should have a good range of these batteries.

If the Battery is flat the computer may not boot up as Flat BIOS Batteries can cause some really screwy things to happen.


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by nrokin In reply to Please Help!

OK I just got home and this is EXACTLY what happend This is Updated for the 3rd time: 1/23/06

She got an windows error file with something ended in DLL she rebooted and asked to insert disk and replace file , having only HP recovery disk didnt know which to replace so ran norton win doctor and ran it all night and when she woke up it was on her DeskTop But she couldnt access any Applications so she rebooted again and it would only stay at the winXp Logo she turned it off and kept it off for a while.

Then it came to the Blue screen of death yea im sure u know what im talking about, with the option of F1 or F10 then it went to almost a black screen with a cursor in upper left hand window and cannot start in safe mode. The thing is with this computer it is a Business computer so she really doesnt want to Reformat
thank you all for your help

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by nrokin In reply to

oh yeah and yes everything was connected properly and everything inside was unplugged and replugged or whatever HP tech support made her do.

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by OTL In reply to Please Help!

Congrates !

Had ruffley the same problem, in bios saw everything ok and would not boot (about 3 years after I bought my HP). Also could not reformat due to it would post but would go to a black screen with flashing cursor in the upper left corner, and 12 hours later no change or error message. Unplugged everything except the floppy (all ribbon cables) and put a bootable floppy in, it booted. Adding one device at a time found out the only thing the bios could not "talk too" was the Hard Drive, appeared it was broadcasting but not responding to commands from the bios. 1 Year later (with a new HD) same thing happened this time I replaced the CDRW. I still have the original DVD in this PC.

Basically you need to systematically troubleshoot the system to determine exactly where the problem is, if not the HD then you could get it running within 1/2 hour. Minus the defective part. If the HD will not boot alone, use the restore disk in the CD and if it boots you need a new HD.

Appears the system "sees" the HD but can not communicate with it or is being inhibited by another device.

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by OTL In reply to

Read your post(answer # 5), sounds like she has a hardware failure going so... Get a new drive and load it up, slave the old and pray you can access it (may take a few reboots) before it totally goes south forever ! I did not and did not have any good backups !

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