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By bose_arin ·
I have done my CCNA and now i am working in a company.they largely deal with Networking stuff and projects my problem is while i configure router or a L3 switch i manage to configure everything But still i dont know why i could not be able to specify routes or add routes for packet trafficking.Can anyone help me to overcome from this problem.

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by robo_dev In reply to Please help

what Cisco platform and what IOS version?

Are you trying to add some static routes between LAN subnets or VLANS?

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by bose_arin In reply to Clarify:

Suppose I am using L3 switch where server vlan user vlan have been created .there is also firewall installed(pix) to connect internet as well as outer networks .From that outer network they also should connect this servers .Here i face maximum confusion while adding routes on switch.
I you dont mind can i get ur mail id to upload Switch config as well as that you can help me out

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Routing

You want us to give you an e-mail address? Hahahahahahahahah ROTFLMFAO!!! Try posting some snippet's of your config with public IP's changed to some obscure name and passwords removed.

You need to set up some sort of NAT or Port forwarding on the firewall to accomplish what you want and possibly VPN.

Networks aren't easy and should be setup by experienced people. Well that is unless you want them hacked...

Best of luck in finding a solution to your problems!!

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That shouldnt be a problem

by The Scummy One In reply to Bwahahahahahahahahaha

as I am sure many of us use disposeable addresses anyway.

However, his employer may fire his arse for giving out this type of information to a possible cracker ?

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by bose_arin In reply to That shouldnt be a proble ...

Actually u know what in these days no one simply cant expect Help World has bocome filthy.

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by bose_arin In reply to Bwahahahahahahahahaha

nope u have bit misunderstood me yup definitely i can upload the scenario but after changes my point

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