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Please help a Server 2003 novice.

By Starscream ·
Hi, I am currently an IT Technician at several primary schools and I hope to upgrade the networks from peer to peer networks with simple windows 98 servers to more modern and useful client - server networks with workstations running XP Pro and server platform Server 2003 Standard. I am trying to accomlish this at the cheapest cost possible and will be setting up this vanilla solution myself. I plan to study for the MCSE qualification soon but this would be a great start as I have low server knowledge as of present. I can successfully create a domain and have clients connecting to this domain using VMWARE as a safe test box. I know it takes a great deal of time and expertise to design and implement the policies, OUs, users etc. So I was hoping for a helping hand in the form of free user management software so the tedious job of using active directory for user management. Free policy guides from start to finish to setup both staff and student OUs. And any other advice information from people who have set up similar systems in schools. As it is primary school security it not a massive issue, more registry protection from kids breaking machines is more useful than locking down machines using complicated security planninng. I am familiar with imaging software so its basically down to administration software to make life easier and policies. Also roaming profile and folder redirection help would also be appreciated.

Has anyone out there attempted this themselves under similar circumstances?

Schools tend to have a few hundred pupils and around 10-20 members of staff and I am the only technician. There is between 20 - 100 clients to be connected. I will also purchase a server (p4 perhaps to keep costs down) eventually, but I am just using VMware for now.

Any help would be fantastic.



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Buy some how to books

by scasperson In reply to Please help a Server 2003 ...

I was in the same situation when I had to setup our 2003 terminal server network. I had no server experience and I was expected to deliver a sound system. My advice is to go buy some books. Many of them give an in-depth look at 2003 with a language that any fool can understand. The few books that I bought have helped me immensely in both the setup and administration of the systems.

One author you should look at is Mark Minasi. He has a range of books on 2003 that are fantastic. But I?m sure almost any book will help you.

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Wrong place to post for help..go to Q&A section

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Please help a Server 2003 ...

You will have better luck and exposure there than you will in the discussion section

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Shud b quite easy

by T guy next door In reply to Please help a Server 2003 ...

Well, as per my observation, what u r trying to achieve is quite simple.After all,with windows,its always "next" -> "next" -> "finish" .. only thing is u gotto read and understand what u r upto. For that, this discussion forum is more than enough.

Win server 2003 has all the features u require. moreover, its quite very user friendly for a novice such as urself. the only part u need to concentrate upon at present is backing up the data in client machines and restoring it intact.

i wud suggest u start off with a test bed as u r new to the scenario.Atleast 2 any spare desktop wud do.on 1,install win server 20003 and on another,install XP. these should b on a separate Lan though else ur existing structure would come down.a hub or a router shud do the trick.

i guess thats bout it.if u ve any queries, u could mail me at i wud b glad to clarify em with u.


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School Admin Win2003

by Big_mazz In reply to Please help a Server 2003 ...

Hi I run a Windows 2003 Server with XP clients for a school I would recommened that you get a box and set it up as a test system first that way you can see what happens hook a few machines up to it just set up 2 OU one for Staff and one for Students then it is much easer to work with this is what we do then we can lock down the students but give more room to move for staff and then just create basic accounts you can apply the basic security template from the server. As for the PC how will you be setting them up ghost??? or indivudally rebuilding them??? have a look at the Dell website too very tidy priced servers our server is only a P4 with 1gb of RAM and 168 GIG of Disk Space. I'm happy to help you with any questions you may have!

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