please help cannot get sound to work

By lisa24n7 ·
i have a gateway solo 2150 laptop...upgraded to win xp from 2000. i have no sound....well, i can play a cd and if you are quiet as a church mouse you can hear it just above a whisper in my headphones....i cannot play win media player...cannot play creative cd shows the cd playing but no sound to speak of...i cannot find the multimedia audio file anymore...i have downloaded drivers for the sound but to no have uninstalled them...someone said to check bios but icannot find where in there to enable sounds...i just put on direct x nine too...i have gone in safe mode to see if it replicated the it didn't...i am just frustrated and lost ...please hellp.....thank you

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I wish I had better news....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to please help cannot get so ...

but the sound card used in your laptop was not designed for XP.
Your issue is driver related.
The drivers for 2000 should have worked but you could try this driver:
Supposedly, it worked for someone else with the same model that went from 98 to XP.

Here are the drivers offered by Gateway:

Good Luck.

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