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Please Help Can't download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5.516

By d, ·
I have tried to run and save to document AVG Anit-Virus Free Edition 7.5 again and again... I even tried by turning off Firewall through Windows Vista, but still I keep getting the following meassage: Some Installation files are corupted.Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.. Also if helps says CRC failed in AVG Setup.exe,Unexpected end of archive.. Thank you very very much for any help you can give me to solve this... I am currently running only the internet Exployer 7 Security and what Windows Security that came with new computer with Windows Vista... Again thank you

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Try this..

Try the easy way first in the "add and remove". If the program is not there then procede below BUT with caution.

1) Click Start > run type in "regedit" and press enter. Now we are going into a very grey area if you do not know what you are doing, SO FOLLOW THESE STEPS (PRINT THIS OUT SO THAT YOU CAN READ THIS AS YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THE INSTRUCTIONS) VERY CAREFULLY.
2) Go to "EDIT > FIND", type in "AVG", (on the right pane you will see "Name, Type, Date"), under "Name" you will see "Default", you will need to right click to high light this entry, (ONLY AND ONLY THIS) you delete, go back to "edit > find", your text "AVG" should still be in the text box, if not type it in again and then press enter. Do the same as i have wrote above. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS VERY SLOWLY AND AT THE SAME TIME READ AND CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE DELETING ONLY "AVG" ENTRY'S. When done (finished) click on the RED CROSS at the top right of your screen, this will close your window. Hopefully you will not have to go through this again. Go to the avg web site and do another download but when you see the text that says something like "c:\mycomputer\avg\desktop" place a number 1 or 2 after it, this will make sure that this will be a new file and not to try and overwrite the other file(s) you might have relating to "AVG". Hope this helps you.
Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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You may have connection problems

by NickNielsen In reply to Please Help Can't downloa ...

Have you tried the download from different sites? Each of the sites below has a current copy of AVG. Try one of them.

Grisoft - -
Softpedi -
MajorGeeks -

If the problem continues, you may have connection issues or something on your PC is interfering with the download.

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Clear out your TEMP folder

by jdclyde In reply to Please Help Can't downloa ...

Shut down ALL applications.

Go to Run and type in %temp%

delete everything in there.


Install your application.

MANY installs will fail if that directory is full.

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"Still can't get AVG Anti-Virus 7.5.516 to Download Right,so it will Run:

In the Post 2of4,I went to find did as you told typed "AVG" under the Find it has Look at Keys with a check,Values with a check and Data with a check,also under these three areas at bottom in window pane has Match whole string only,unchecked I didn't know if you wanted me to check it,tried it with check and without,under Name where you said to Right click on default,default wasn't there nothing was there to click on. I tried to load it at a different site after about 2hr it down-loaded but again when I went to open it and run it, it said that there was corrupted files,I am wondering should I click off all my Internet Exployer and Windows Spyware before I try to run this file that is already downloaded??? And also I have it set up that anytime I run the exployer it Auto. deletes any temporary files,I sure hope someone can help me figure out whats not making this download work right,it's driving me nuts LOL... Thanks KYman41

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It's possible that malware could be causing problems

by techienate In reply to "Still can't get AVG Anti ...

Sounds like a strange problem--I've installed AVG on many customers computers and haven't had this problem. I would look for virus infections that may be interfering. A simple but time consuming way to do this is with the free BitDefender Online virus scanner. (An online virus scanner is NOT a replacement for antivirus software such as AVG, but it is useful for detecting and removing existing infections.) Oh, and try temporarily disabling that setting you mentioned that automatically deletes temporary files.

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Do you have a friend who can download it for you?

by NickNielsen In reply to "Still can't get AVG Anti ...

It really sounds like you are having issues downloading the install files. Can you ask a friend to download it for you, burn it to CD or copy it to a USB drive, and install from there?

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Problems Downloading AVG Anti-

Ok I might can get someone to burn it on a CD. I also did a restore of files but just went back to 1-10 2008, as you know HD doesn't come with restore disk, but I burn 4 using DVD Burner to use them do I click on the DVD burner Icon and just insert and let it remove files on each disk... And will that clear everything that has been downloaded on to document folder and pictures and such or is it like the computer restore that doesn't only installs the files??? Thanks Again for your advice...

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A system restore

by NickNielsen In reply to Problems Downloading AVG ...

A restore should only re-write the system files. If you are worried about losing your data, go ahead and copy it on to a DVD or CD. I'm not sure how Vista handles DVD/CD burning, but your PC probably came with burning software installed. You will need to read the Help files to learn how to use it.

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by techienate In reply to Problems Downloading AVG ...

From your description, I wasn't completely clear on exactly what type of restore this is, but from what I can tell, you are creating factory restore discs. This will restore the computer to exactly how it was when you got it, and, yes, that includes erasing all your data files and any programs you have installed. It will reformat your hard drive and re-install windows and the software that came with your computer. Anything on your hard drive will be lost. You need to back up your stuff to an external hard drive or dvds or something like that. (An external hard drive would be the easiest and fastest solution.)

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