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please help guys urgent .....

By samir ·
I installed win2003server enterprise edition and than after installation i activated .
Now i am trying to click on licensing it says " the license logging service is not running on server or is not accessible"

Please help me out guys what do i do now....

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The same as when a telephone number is engaged...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to please help guys urgent . ...

You wait and try again later.

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what type of licencing are you dealing with?

by chris_atb In reply to please help guys urgent . ...

Terminal services licences? non-os software licences? OS licences? you probably havent set up the feature that starts the service

(for example TSS needs to be enabled for TS licence logging to be enabled) the mcsa has the skills to deal with this stuff, if your company has one track it down!

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Stop sending me PM with a paste of your OP!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to please help guys urgent . ...

You'd do better to answer the above question.

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see if this is you...

by sgt_shultz In reply to please help guys urgent . ...

<snipped> from microsoft knowledgebase:
This behavior occurs because you did not configure the licensing computer correctly; you have the incorrect server listed as the licensing server.

NOTE: In MMC, LLS may appear to be running, however, when you attempt to cycle the service from a command prompt, you receive the following error message:
Error 1060: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
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To resolve this behavior: 1. Start Active Directory Sites and Services, expand the Sites folder, click Default, click First, and then click Site-Name.
2. Right-click Licensing Site Settings, and then click Properties.
3. Change the licensing computer to the primary domain controller (PDC) Emulator in the current domain.

NOTE: The PDC Emulator should be the license server.
4. Restart the computer to start the appropriate services, and then install the licenses.

somethings I've found very helpful in situations like this is:
1) event viewer

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Thanx for your help

by samir In reply to see if this is you...

But that is not helping me. In the objet name there is the name of my server and domain address is also true domainname.local.

When i see even viewer it says warning 27 days to ative win2003.

I am not sure what to do .

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