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    Please help – how to configure server2003 machine as router


    by bbock ·

    Hey Guys,

    Ok, I am in a test environment trying to learn how to install and configure RRAS correctly, so the machine will work as a router. I am not a networking guy and need help.

    So, I have internet coming into a little D-Link router w/NAT, then that goes into a server2003 machine with two NICs configured with RRAS for LAN routing. NIC #1 is named “external” and NIC #2 is named “internal.” Finally, I have a w2k machine at the end of the chain connected to internal NIC.

    D-Link router is
    External NIC ip is
    Internal NIC ip is
    w2k machine is

    After I install Routing and Remote Access services, no matter what I seem to do I cannot get the w2k machine to ping anything besides and Of course this means I cannot get any Internet access or find shares on the network either from the w2k machine.

    Obviously, I am doing something incorrectly or forgetting to do something. Maybe I have the incorrect default gateway setup? I don’t know. Help!

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