Please help. I want to move my Tribez game from my phone to my tablet

By Viv1610 ·
I've been playing Tribez for Android for several months now and have made a lot of progress in the game. However, my phone seems to be bogging down and the game force closes after visiting about 3 of the islands. So since I got the Nexus 7 for Christmas I decided that it would be better to play it on there. BUT! The game doesn't give me the option to move it to the microSd card and emailing the game developers had almost no good info on how to do it (vague references to "programs" to back up the game with no actual names for said programs). So I get the feeling the players are on their own when it comes to backing up the game.
I tried following a blog by Donovan Colbert on how to side load apps but after muddling thru it, it only installed the game at the beginning with none of my progress included. How can I back up this game so that my progress is saved and transfer it to my tablet?
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Now that you have the game installed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Please help. I want to mo ...

I'm supposing you'll need to copy the Games Files from the Phone to the Tablet.

Like all things computer related you can not just move the Game Files to another system and have it work it needs installing so that all of the Dependences are correctly loaded.

Now all that should be required is to move the Game Files to the new device as they will include your saved games/scores and so on.


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Reponse To Answer

by Viv1610 In reply to Now that you have the gam ...

And how do I do that? I'm not a computer person, but am very good at following directions. I've no idea how to transfer the game's files or what utility would help me do that.

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