By dariquew ·
I have a network of pcs all of which run xp sp2 brand new
pc's. i have wireless adapters on all the connect to the
internet through a netgear router. prety basic stuff.
everything is configured and the internet works on all of
them except one. ive done all i can think of, checked
tsp/ip, checked hardware, drivers, the whole nine. verizon
tech support informed me that i did all i could do and it
seems to be a pc issue. i restored and re-installed the
drivers. my question is this, what is there left to do before

i didnt say his before, i swapped out the usb adapters and
the new one didnt work. th old one worked on another
computer. please i need some help. im just not sure how
effective reformatting will be.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to PLEASE HELP INTERNET GONE ...

Can the problematic PC ping your gateway (wireless router)? Does the output of ipconfig appear as the other PC's that function?

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I am Having the same problem

by varelap In reply to Wireless

Have a fairly new dell with a wireless USB adapter. Stopped working about 8 days ago. Can actually open IE and view the router. The router is also provided by Verizon. Hard wired computer works fine. Tried typing IP address of yahoo in address bar and site not found. Anxiously waiting on solution.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to I am Having the same prob ...

First things first, I would probably try a reboot of your wireless router. If that does not fix it...

In a command window type 'ipconfig /all'. You should see something like:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

IP Address . :
Subnet Mask . :
Default Gateway . :
DHCP Server . :
DNS Servers . . :

From the command window, type 'ping' (or address of your gateway).
If you see 'request timed out'. You do not have basic connectivity to your gateway.
If you get a reply, type 'nslookup'. You should see a resolution to IP address. If not, you have DNS issues that will need investigated.
If you can resolve yahoo, try 'ping'. If you can ping your gateway, and resolve yahoo, but cannot ping yahoo, you most likely have a gateway (wireless router) issue.
If you can ping yahoo, but not browse to it, you most likely have a PC/ browser issue.

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Can the problematic PC ping your gateway (wireless router)? Does the output

by dariquew In reply to Wireless

yes ipconfig is identical with other pc's

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Try this

by Jellimonsta In reply to Can the problematic PC pi ...

Try rebuilding the TCP stack...

In a command window type:

netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt

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Tried this?

by wesley.chin In reply to PLEASE HELP INTERNET GONE ...

at the command prompt, type "ipconfig /release" (include the space after ipconfig) and then type "ipconfig /renew."

I have seen times that the IP is not renewed even after a reboot.

If that doesn't do it, disconnect the adapters and connect them again. If there is a utility used other than the one built into Windows, click "Site Survey", look for the router name and click connect.

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no go

by dariquew In reply to Tried this?

i released and renewed several times. and i used other usb ports, reinstalled drivers, nothing works.

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swap the wireless adapter

by HimDownStairs In reply to no go

have you tried swapping the wireless adapter of a working system with the non working system?

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by dariquew In reply to swap the wireless adapter
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Check this

by wesley.chin In reply to yup

Check your firewall settings. It should not be the case if the one built into XP is all that you have, but some third party ones might block it.

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