Please help! Just transfered Motherboard to new frame! Sound doesn't work!

By Trombonedude90 ·
Okay, so here's the deal. I got a new frame for my entire computer system and everything is working great. But, there is absolutely no sound. Before I transfered it, the sound worked perfectly. I tried reinstalling the chipset devices and the sound drivers. It's an AC97' Realtek Onboard... The speakers are plugged in, the sound's on full, and there are no error messages at all. What's the deal? Can anyone help?

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Visual inspection

by mjd420nova In reply to Please help! Just transfe ...

Look really close around the sound chip and the associated jacks on the back panel. Maybe the motherboard is sitting on a standoff near those jacks and it should be insulated. Or the light metal sheild around the connectors on the back panel is shorting out somewhere.

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onboard enabled? or maybe mute on?

by CG IT In reply to Visual inspection

just a thought... check your device manager to ensure the drivers installed correctly, then go into control panel and click on sounds check to make sure your sound card is listed and the mute isn't on. make sure the onboard sound is enabled in the BIOS.

if not and this is a new mainboard, return it for a another one.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to onboard enabled? or maybe ...


Also check that the speakers are plugged into the green socket on the mobo.


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ah yeah

by CG IT In reply to Socket

forgot that one Ozi....good call

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by Trombonedude90 In reply to Please help! Just transfe ...

Before I started this discussion thread thing, I checked everything. I changed nothing in the BIOS, the motherboard was not damaged at all, and yes, I do have it plugged in the correct socket. The computer does not even emit a sound like a beep or anything of that sort like a regular computer does when it doesn't have a sound card driver installed...Device manager says everything's working perfectly.. but there's gotta be something blocking the sound...I checked if everything has sound enabled and isn't muted and they are all on full blast. I know that the speakers aren't a problem because I plugged in my headphones and still had no sound, not even static.

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What's your OS?

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well,

That's a strange problem.

Your OS shouldn't make any difference but I'm curious.

If I'm reading you right, you just transferred everything to another box without changing anything else. You should be able to hang everything from string and still have it work.

Please post your solution if you work it out.

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My os

by Trombonedude90 In reply to What's your OS?

is Windows XP Professional, it's only 2 years old

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