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please help me

By gbenny54 ·
i have been being hacked for 3 years they seam to have like a keylogger on me.passwords everything .they monitor yahoo messenger is a script i found .what is it ..@[fwpscript]version:|lCon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript] this changes only by the number 06 to 05 depending on if being sent or received.i have read your articles and have found then very helpful,but cannot figure this one out.thanks very had disabled the script funtion to manually like an article had said and it helped but still need help to get them out of my computer.i lost my dsl connection and they still were able to send and receive packets from my computer when i could not send or receive myself.and during this time they removed a friends archives from my yahoo archives and any trace of her on computer.i suspect she is behind help they have control.and i get booted .verizon cannot find problem.i get an internet delay (15 second )

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by w2ktechman In reply to please help me

Some of the issues you have dont totally sound like remote control, but maybe connection issues or failing HW,
The fwpscript appears to be an msn messenger virus, but I didnt look very hard.
I would say that if you have had all of these problems, disconnect the system from the network (or DSL router). Then back up all of your data, and re-install the OS. Update the OS as well before putting it back on the Internet (windows patches).

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by w2ktechman In reply to

if this is recurring from several builds (and a new system), one of the sites that you visit is the culprit (or someone else using your system). 1 time I had my system tight, and I let my little brother use it for a week when he got out of the Air Force, within that week he managed to put 6 viri on the system, and over 32 spyware/malware programs (downloading games and other crap).
best to be safe, dont let people use your system. If you dont, take a closer look at the sites you visit. If you use VMWare or virtual machine, you can recover more easily in case it happens again (I like that suggestion).

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by ManISKid In reply to please help me

As the last post was suggesting, clean out your system entirely change your password(s) with your ISP, lock down your router with sufficient firewalls and anti-malware. Also, occasionally often use the browser virtual machine supplied with vmware if I am dubious of site content when browsing the web.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to please help me

If you do a reinstall the first thing that you'll need to do after you have saved your data is to wipe the drive with a Utility that writes zero's to every sector and then do a clean instll. Before you even attempt to do any Windows Updates first have a AV program installed and updated as you can pickup infections from the MS Update site as well so you do not wan tto go to all that effort and then be back where you started from.


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by zlitocook In reply to please help me

If you really think you are a bot (a computer used to do bad things)contact your local police, FBI they are vary interested in finding these people. Other wise back up and reload, if you do not know how call a technician or go to a computer shop. You need to install SP2, turn on the firewall, install defender from MS, use a good antivirus software. Contact your ISP to tell them what you think and change your passwords. Use a strong password, like Sky@b5$m3 I know it is hard to remember this type of password but it is also hard for the hacker to get this type of password!
Ok you need to go to each web site or call them and change your password or tell them to disable your account untill you tell the other wise. Contact your creditors, like credit cards, banks and what ever other venders you use. Tell them that you think your information is being hacked. This starts a trail so you can fight bad credit info.
After a clean install of your operatng system, you need to applie all patches, install a antivirus software, update it, turn on your firewall, down load stinger from McAFee and update it, then run it.
You might also down load SpyBot search and distroy, Window washer and AdAware to help clean your system.
And look to your ISP to help you, if you get a modem or router from them ask how to setup a firewall.

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by wlbowers In reply to please help me

Backup what ever files you want to keep. Write down your
messenger information, and email configuration if it is on the

Now boot to the install disk for your os. Delete all of the
partitions. You could have someone living on your computer in a
hidden partition and not know it. Now let the install disk
recreate a partition, format it and reinstall your os.

If you have restore disk that came with the computer, follow the
directions for a complete format and reinstall.

Before you do anything else, install all updates from Microsoft.
download and install a Good Antivirus program.

The AV is free but I recommend the security suite. It includes
AV, Firewall, Spam Control, and Pest Patrol.

If you are that intrenched with a hyjacker the only sure way to
get rid of them is the above method.

Good Luck


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by gbenny54 In reply to please help me

thank you all for your help.i will try to do what most of you have will take me awhile to figure this out.i had done this in the past.completely erased and reinstalled my os.i lost alot of info .lol.i even got a new computer and now this one is the same.i found that script on yahoo messages.again

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