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please help me

By jonmholmes ·
i am currently building a site for my business, i have designed and built the entire website on my computer and now have a folder named images and then html document for each page, i have called the first page index, and when yhis is loaded into the interner server it is fne, but the other pages that follow it still load from my hardrive instead of the internet, shoulg i have given the pages that follow the index page a cettain name? tankyou ...jon

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by benstemptwo In reply to please help me

You should look back over your html code and see what the references that limk the pages to each other are. When you create web pages on your computer. All references are to the "Hard Drive". After everything is uploaded the references need to reflect the new location of all files.

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by Coder_For_You In reply to please help me


When u create hyperlinks , you have created static byperlinks where the path is like c:\test.htm , instaed u should write just tes.htm

I hope this helps.

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Website setup and links

by ron.drew In reply to please help me

Keeping it simple.
First you have a website on a server under INETPUB directory then under WWWROOT directory.

Now you have your index page..lets say index.htm. No hard coded C: stuff should be in it.

Under WWWROOT you have a folder called IMAGES.

So now you have a ROOT directory with an IMAGE directory under it. Index.htm is in the ROOT directory with other htms.

Links. Since your htms are in the root here are examples of how to link to other htms and include images within the htms.

First an image: (make the width/height whatever or leave it out)
<img border="0" src="images/xxxx.jpg" width="150" height="200" alt="xxxx">

Next the link to other htms:
<a href="otherhtm.htm">Other HTM</a>

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