Please help me fix the Administrative Rights!

By Tink! ·
Ok, first let me admit I goofed when I did the installation of the new computers. Somehow or another when I setup the Prez's laptop on the network I inadvertently setup his PC profile and his network profile to where they don't match up. Therefore I can give him access to the public network drive but I cannot give him administrative rights to his computer.

He needs the admin rights with his login because the Antivirus software cannot install database updates without those rights. (Weekly update)

How do I remedy this without losing his all his Outlook data?

Thanks in advance y'all!
Tink :)

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Admin rights

by Sue T In reply to Please help me fix the Ad ...

If this is Windows XP you can right click on My Computer, Manage, click on Groups in Users and Groups. In Groups click on Administrators and add this user. This will give him administrator rights on the computer. You should probably check the other groups to be sure he is not a member of any of those and if he is remove him from them. Also, can't you set up your anti virus to update using credentials you supply in the service for the anti virus?
Have a good day.

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I'm pretty sure I already tried that

by Tink! In reply to Admin rights

But will try again just to be absolutely sure.

But I know I tried many many different things to work around the problem and nothing was working.

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Best thing to do is to use the network profile!

by w2ktechman In reply to Please help me fix the Ad ...

It will cache the logon, so there is no need for a local account.

If it is not a domain account, then your setup should work fine if you set permissions as admin on the local account. You will need to logon as an administrator. Then go to Control Panel -- Admin tools -- Computer Mnaagement -- local users and groups
select groups -- administtrators
add the profile that needs these permissions.

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ok, what if it IS a domain account?

by Tink! In reply to Best thing to do is to us ...

We do logon on to our network as a domain.

My computer is as follows (this is a working station)


Name= Administrator Domain= network Group= Debugger Users

Name=Tink1 (this matches the network logon id) Domain=network Group= Administrators

Name= Tink Domain= Local Group= Debugger Users

This setup works perfectly in that it gives me access to the network, as well as admin rights on my Local drives.

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His setup: He just left on a business trip and took the laptop with him...so will have to get back to you on that. LOL

But, I do need to get his setup like the way mine is, and do it without losing his Outlook profile/mails/data. (all is stored locally)

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If all of the .pst files are stored locally

by w2ktechman In reply to ok, what if it IS a domai ...

they should be easy to set back up.
you can use the files and settings transfer wizard in WinXP to transfer Outlook settings (except Outlook 2003).
This works well because it transfers rules, pst files, other peoples mailboxes, etc. without reconfiguring them.

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