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    Please Help Me ( I need One Complete Project about E-Learning )


    by mostafa_ali_2002 ·

    Hi,, Please I need Complete Project about E-Learning
    include SDLC Software Developement Life Cycle
    Complete Project Plz

    With my Pleasures to This Side and all people here

    thanks,, good luck for all

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      I need more specific information

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Please Help Me ( I need One Complete Project about E-Learning )

      What do you need to know about specifically? SDLC is pretty vague and doesn’t really meany much.

      What kind of e-learning tool? A simple tool or a full LMS? Is this synchronous or asynchronous? Simulations? Is the client browser based or client based? What kind of bandwidth utilization?

      What kind of tool are we talking about?

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        Further to JM

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to I need more specific information

        Are you looking for a Project Plan? What methodology, size of corporation, budget limitations, team size, delivery schedule? Phased or single run?

        Will deployment require onsite training? Web based? What communication tools to provide update information?

        In short- in order to provide any meaningful response, you would need to provide a LOT of additional information.

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          Please Help me !

          by mostafa_ali_2002 ·

          In reply to Further to JM

          first,,thanks so much
          i’m not experience in project management,, but this is one of my study subjects
          i need one project complete ,, by SDLC
          includes all activities tasks by Microsoft Project 2003
          i don’t know but it’s like Case Study
          all things about a project ( Reports, User Acceptance, etc )
          assume it’s ( College of Sciences ” E-LEARNING ” )
          how to plan ?
          how to analysis ?
          how to design ?
          how to Implementation ?
          how to Maintenance ?

          all activities tasks about this project

          with my respects for all people wants to help me .

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