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    Please help me pinpoint the cause of a strange problem

    by funcout ·



    This is my first post here, usually I can solve most issues on my own, but this problem is a little bit perplexing…

    The first thing that I want to say is that if this isn’t the best place to post this issue or seek resolution, please let me know a better place to post this issue and I will do so.

    OK, so I have an issue “with my mouse” that started a few months ago, in that it sometimes seems to not register movements on the mouse pad.

    Must be a problem with the mouse, right? Well I swapped it out for a different, brand new mouse, both of them being reliable, expensive, yet different models of mice that I have used before. The issue persisted.

    Must be a problem with the USB Port, right? The mouse was originally plugged into the USB Port in the back of the computer which links directly to the MOBO. So I switched it to the other USB port in the back of the computer. Still the problem persists. So I switched it to the USB Ports on the front. The problem persists.

    Must not have my drivers up to date, right? I’ve checked and they are.

    Can anything think of any other reason why I’m having this issue?

    When I test it, the best way to do so I’ve found is to simply move my mouse back and forth on the mouse pad and track the cursor on the screen to see if it moves accordingly. Its gotten worse since this has started happening.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be occurring, or at least have any other suggestions I can do as to how to help pinpoint the problem?

    Thank you for any information you can provide me.

    EDIT: I have no issues that I’ve noticed when it comes to click registering, nor any with any other hardware I’m using, it just seems to not always register the mouse movement.

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      Well first thing is to make sure your Mouse is supported by the OS

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Please help me pinpoint the cause of a strange problem

      Believe me I’ve seen numerious occassions when they are not particuarly those mice bought in Supermarkets and not all of them a cheap.

      Next thing to look at is the type of Mouse most are optical these days and have a Red Light under the mouse is this LED Bright and strong?

      What is the Mouse Mat like? Is it refelctive and clean?

      Is there any crud building up on the underside of the mouse? most issues with Optical Mice are related to the refelctive qualities of the surface that they are being used on so straight Glass is not good and something that doesn’t reflect is just the same The best Mouse Pad for Optical Mice are the Teflon ones and once they start breaking down you replace them the older Mouse Mats that where supplied with the Roller Mice really are not the best for Optical Mice and once they get old and dirty they get very unreliable.

      Hope that is of some help.

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