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Please help me refute my management's Claims

By jbaumhackl74 ·
Please help by answering these questions. I'm tired of hearing my management team make these claims and I'd like to get some real life input.

1) Are you expected to work level 1 help desk for 8 hours and Do all maintenance and project work in your off time?

2) Are yo expected to work 50-60 hours a week with no compensation?


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Expected yes - Required no

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Please help me refute my ...

You are being presented with one choice
Take it or leave it.

So you can say fk you to their faces and get another job.

You can get another job, possibly a little more experience, training certs etc then say fk you

Or you can let them fk you.

Harsh but true, I can assure you a well worded response from any of us on how unfairly and stupidly so in my opinion you are being treated isn't going to do anything with guys who do this sort of thing.

The cost of recruiting and training your replacement is the only cost they'll understand and it's a buyers market at the moment.

This is not a flippant response, I've done the first one several times. I have that luxury mainly because I did the second one once.

Starting a career, which you seem to be doing, is not about salary it's about positioning yourself to get a decent salary, feeling you're worth more is the impetus to become worth more, not the thing itself.

If they can find someone as good as you to do your job at the same rate, you aren't worth more it's that simple.

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not just take it or leave it

by Dr Dij In reply to Expected yes - Required n ...

I'd work 40 hours. kick a** for 8 hours then leave :)

no grumbling about your problems. no goofing off. and no staying more than 40 hours unless you get OT, or if salaried, unless a real emergency. don't tell them to fk themselves. keep it chill.

if they ask why not done, point out that you can do anything but not everything.

remember, you'll get as much cr*p as you'll take.

if you live in CA and are not supervising someone, you are required by law to get OT for more than 40 hours.

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Employers will always take what they can............

by kevaburg In reply to not just take it or leave ...

............and that is why if you let them push you around at the beginning they will continue to do so and even harder still!!!

And then what about the health implications of working that hard? Could they afford to lose you due to health problems related to work? Probably not. Maybe this could be the angle to take to stop them pushing harder and harder?

Every man (and woman!!!) has their breaking point and people around that will try and push us there..........

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Eventually it always comes to that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to not just take it or leave ...

If your employer is prepared to try and give you no respect, then you're only real threat is to withdraw your labour. The UK's labour laws are far more stringent than the US', aside from Helath & Safety, your chances of making them adhere to them, even with a union are small.

The entire point of being a career professional, is to be in a position to ram your brolly up an employer's ***, if they choose to urinate on you.

One thing I will say is never threaten them with anything, unless you are prepared to back it up, do that and you might as well write "GENTS" on your forehead.

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by zlitocook In reply to Please help me refute my ...

Report them to the federal wage and labor commission. Even if you are a salary person they can only go so far. And your company has way over stepped what to expect of an employee.
Yes even if you signed a contact to work as needed you still have worker rights.
If the company makes you work more then 40 hours with no compensation they must pay you the over time and give you fair time off.
Call the federal wage and labor board to see if what you do applies.

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Maybe and maybe not

by jdclyde In reply to Nope

If your salary, depending on the terms you accept when you take that job, you work the hours required and if you didn't figure in the extra hours when you accepted the salary, sucks to be you.

We have far too little information to give a good response though.

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by AV . In reply to Please help me refute my ...

Management will do anything to get 150% from you when they're only paying for 100%, but they also want to see initiative. It isn't easy to work your way up.

If you're doing level 1 help desk, it can payoff in your career to put more time, paid or not, in projects, especially if its a high profile project. It will boost your career in the long run. It did for me. I resented it at the time.

I can't tell you how many extra hours without pay that I have put in over the years to "exceed expectations". I wasn't paid for it then, but it was a real education and it paid off for me years later.

I always tried to get as much comp time as possible then to recoup my life and compensate for the extra hours I had to put in.

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Thanks for the replies so Far

by jbaumhackl74 In reply to Competition

Thanks for the replies so far. I just want to point out I'm not worried about whether I'll do it or not, that will be my decision. I'm just sick of them insulting my intelligence by telling me everyone does it. I just would like some info to shoot back at them the next time they say we're the only place that isn't doing this already.

Thanks everyone

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mmmmm Maybe

by ScouterDude In reply to Competition

The success of things like that really depend on the employer. I agree that going the extra mile says a great deal about you as a person, and SHOULD be met with positive strokes eventually. You'll have to judge that for yourself. There are certainly bosses who will squeeze you for the last drop and then move on to the next sucker. What are the prevailing attitudes regarding hire from within, providing a career path, etc?

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Couldn't agree more

by JayMiller25 In reply to Competition

I couldn't agree w/ you more. If you want to advance when at a Level 1 position in any career, you've got to put in extra time & effort. It's a reality of the world we live in.

It goes like this for management:

Hmmm.... employee "x" just does the bare minimum required but feels they deserve more.... and employee "y" works extra, takes on additional responsibilities and excels and what he/she does.

It has always been my philosophy to work toward your goals by going the extra mile on a consistent basis.

No one "owes" us anything... we have to earn it, and those who put in the effort reap the benefits.

Some may/will disagree, but it's worked out great for me 7 years into my IT career and continues to work to this day.

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