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I am trying to get the Word out, to prevent a Nuclear War. I know most of you won't believe what I am saying, but the people who are running the Country are PLANNING on getting involved in a Full Scale Nuclear War!! WHY? Money- Oil, to Usher in a World Wide Currency they first have to create a very desperate condition WORSE than a Depression.

They are in the Process of doing this RIGHT NOW!!!

How can YOU Help?

By Re-posting this Video and a Warning to the People NOT to Support a Nuclear War.
Why would the American People support a Nuclear War? Let's say Hypothetically Speaking IF the US was to **** off a Nuke in New York City for example and Blame it on the Russians, IF the American people BELIEVED what they see on Fox News, and they told them it was the Russians, do you think the American people would support a Nuclear War? What if it was the Chinese, or both? The fact is no one WANTS a Nuclear War except the people running this Country. STOP THEM!!

Learn the Truth about what is really going on in Syria by a Girl who LIVES there!!

Watch this video:

Notice the Pictures of the Buildings they are showing you **** up on the US News have no Vehicles parked around them. They are empty Buildings. While at the exact same time they are showing you pictures of Empty Buildings being Bombed, ISIS (which is Funded by the US Government) is busy taking out a Syrian Military Air Field. So the US can attack Syria and they can't fight back. The Russians have vowed to Assist Syria, and so will the Chinese who already have War Ships stationed there. This is WWIII, and it will evolve into a Nuclear Conflict!! Because that is exactly what the people running this country Want. STOP THEM!! Before it's too late.

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Much as I used to enjoy sniping at your paranoid rants,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PLEASE HELP PREVENT WWIII ...

this place has been dead for over a year.

The site was overhauled around June 2013. Between the several week of deployment problems and the unusable redesigned 'features', the membership packed up and left within 3 months. Occasionally a ghost will wander through, but we get fewer and fewer. There's no one left for you to inform / alarm / amuse.

But you can still get tin foil on Aisle 8.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Much as I used to enjoy s ...
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The haunting of techrepublic

by Slayer_ In reply to Much as I used to enjoy s ...
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Please help stop WWIII?????????????????????

by Cayble In reply to PLEASE HELP PREVENT WWIII ...

Sorry to be the provider of bad news, but this silly so called article of warning is the most delusional uneducated thing I have ever read in years.

Who do you think you are???? Some sooth sayer that knows better then the rest of the world?

Look. We get you don't like U.S. bombs. I don't think anyone likes bombs much except morons who invite others to come and bomb them. And quite frankly, while I seldom see the U.S. foreign policy on the wars they often get into as particularly well thought out, at least it always ends up being a war where someone there invited the U.S. to come and bomb them.

I would strongly suggest that those places in the world that don't want U.S. bombs to land on them to eliminate those within their boarders who invite the U.S. in to bomb them. It only makes sense.

And I would strongly strongly suggest that those individuals who don't want to get U.S. bombs to drop on them not to ask the U.S. to do so. And incase there are some out there who for some reason don't understand when they are asking the U.S. to drop bombs on them, read up on the history of al-Qaeda. There are tons and tons of modern day hints on how to ask the U.S. to drop bombs on you. If you don't want bombs dropped on you, those are then the things you wouldn't want to be doing. Or anything like those things.

If you think the "people running this country Want" a nuclear war, then you have a genuine mental illness and I feel sorry I made fun of you.

But you sound as much like a simply ludicrous agitator and you should just stuff a sock in it. Your talking like a dangerous idiot and your a rather scary person to have posting anywhere. Doing every nonsensical thing you can to convince weak minded fools into thinking the U.S is trying to start WWIII.

Your lack of education on all things war and politics, all things economic and the ideals of western society are positively abysmal.

Go away you shameless twit.

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As a friend of mine said

by TheChas In reply to PLEASE HELP PREVENT WWIII ...

Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean that they are not out to get you.

Seriously, I think most of these wild scenarios start from a misplaced or leaked "what if" document. The US government regularly produces and updates documents and responses for any number of "what if" events.

Military and even EMT training exercises are based on the most expected scenarios.

Calm down and stop watching the news for awhile.

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