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    please help router issues


    by nitsuj320 ·

    hey yall ive looked eveywhere for some help on this issue but keep getting conflicting answers so i figured id ask the pros. Im trying to configure my router (lynksys 54) to act as a wireless access point ive been told i need to set up the static ip which i dont know how to do. if somebody could please help me with some step by step instructions please!!!! i really appreaciate it thanks yall

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      by nitsuj320 ·

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      by clarkd038 ·

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      I assume that you are plugging it into a modem?

      the default IP address for most wireless routers is

      So what you can do is plug the router into the wall, plug a network cable from your computer to the router, and enter

      Https:\\ this will bring up the web interface of the router, which can pretty much guide you through anything that needs to be done.

      let me know how it goes!

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      by tnuke ·

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      If you have a router that has the built in wireless access point and 4 port switch, then follow along, if not then let us know what hardware you actually have.

      The only reason you need to set up a Static IP is if the Internet source you are connecting to requires it. Nothing, I repeat nothing requires a static ip for your personal network unless you are doing some advanced stuff, which it doesn’t sound like.

      If the static ip for the Internet source is what you need then you need to log into the router. If you don’t know how to do that, you need to go the knowledge bases at linksys and download a quick setup guide for your router.

      On the main page, you will see a section called “Internet Connection” then a drop down which you can select Static IP. The options on the page will then change and you will have the areas to set the static ip settings provided to you by your Internet provider/source.

      If this doesn’t do it, then you are probably trying to do something that I can’t read into your description.

      Good luck!

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        The OP is doing something advanced, he’s using the router as an AP

        by robo_dev ·

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        If you disable DHCP in the WLAN router, and connect it via one of it’s LAN ports to your network, it no longer function as a router, which is what he’s trying to do.

        You need to assign a static IP address because it’s no longer a DHCP client, nor can it be a DHCP server (since there is already a DHCP server on the network).

        When configured this way, the Router becomes a dumb layer-two access point (mac layer bridge) which is what any Access Point is.

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      It’s very simple, done it lots of times.

      by robo_dev ·

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      In order to use the Linksys Router as an AP, you need to:

      a) turn off DHCP in the device
      b) set a static address
      c)plug it into your existing network using one of it’s LAN ports, not it’s WAN port.

      The tricky part is that you must assign a static address that does not conflict with the DHCP addresses handed out by your main router ..the main router that you use to connect to the internet.

      And the IP address must be on the same network as the PCs attached to your main router (eg. 192.168.0.x AP talking to 192.168.0.x client)

      So login into your main router and look for a page ith ‘LAN IP Setup’ or ‘DHCP setup’. If that router has a DHCP range of to, then assign a static IP address to your WLAN device to be (anything above 100).

      The next order of business will be to login to the Linksys WLAN router and set the static IP address to the value you selected above.

      By default that IP address is going to be And don’t forget that once you change it to a static address, you will use the new address to get to the unit.

      Power up the unit, connect a PC to one of the WAN ports and goto the web page at http:\\

      to save typing, here’s a link with all the gory details.

      Post back if you get stuck

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