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By sea3838 ·
I am trying to edit an Autocad map converted to PDF to JPG to BMP. The map has office numbers, names and departments. I need the office numbers but want to replace the other info with jack numbers. I have tried various graphic editors to no avail. Currently I am using Paint the map is converted to a Bitmap. Our building is large and working with a Bitmap is tedious. I asked our PC and system admin group for suggestions, they have none.

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You might try GIMP.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Please help/suggest softw ...

It's a free, open source graphics editing package that will allow you much more control than Paint will. Basically though, since you're stuck editing a graphic (BMP), it's still going to be a tedious job to wipe a small area and put something else in there.

If you care to completely re-do the "map" and have the files available for editing later, you might want to check into a program called DIA (free, open source), SmartDraw (not free) or even Visio (not free). These are all diagraming software with special templates for floor plan/network diagraming.

There are many other solutions available. With a little bit of searching, I'm sure you can find something that will fit your situation.

Funny your IT department couldn't/wouldn't help you with this. Guess they don't like their job.


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Belated reply

by sea3838 In reply to You might try GIMP.

I went back and tried GIMP again, this time I used the help files. It sure is a sweet program. The last time I tackled the maps it was with whiteout and a copier, GIMP is much better.

Our IT department is kinda funny a Windows only group and they don't support 3rd party apps. We have Visio just not the latest version. It could have been simpler to open the Autocad in Visio. Oh well it's not like we are the largest cable company in the country. Oh wait I think we are. No one in our IT world has heard of GIMP or IrFanview.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

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by TheChas In reply to Please help/suggest softw ...

I would use either CADD software, or a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF. Then, work on either the native CAD file, or the PDF version.

If you work on the PDF version, you will end up placing text boxes over the data you wish to change. When you are done editing, print to PDF in order to have a new copy with the jack numbers captured.


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by sea3838 In reply to Please help/suggest softw ...

I did try GIMP and Infanview. I'll look for CADD and Nitro PDF. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

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