Please help with Micros 3700 system?

By joffor01 ·
I just bought a used Micros system using WS4 running Micros 3700 software. I am trying to program system to fit my restaurant, but I cannot access the configurator without the access numbers. I was able to key in some employee number but those employees were not granted privileges to change the configurator. Can anybody help me to find a way to gain access to the configurator so i can set up my system. your help is greatly appreciated and I will compensate if i have to. Thanks

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No, probably not.

by seanferd In reply to Please help with Micros 3 ...

There are highly proprietary systems (even if you us a PC to access them) and there is no way to know exactly what your system is running - most/many have had specialized software installed. Even if it is the base, completely unaltered Micros, you can't get information on these things without a service account with them.

You need to find your seller and ask him for all the proper information and any documentation he has.

I've seen this problem a bit - it is nearly pointless to buy one of these used. Even if you get in, you may find that you cannot make the changes you want. Someone might actually have to write code for it.

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use property expert code

by jorgearramirez In reply to No, probably not.

try 999999999 or 852456 for pas code on pos configurator good luck

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Get all employees codes

by posdataexpress In reply to use property expert code

Click Start, Run
Type in DBISQL
when prompted user-custom password-custom
in the command enter
select * from micros.emp_def

look in the id column for possible codes

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by bobbyfischer In reply to Please help with Micros 3 ...

If you stil need help on this I can help you, forward me a contact #, I work with many used Micros systems. I am not a dealer.

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Getting to connect a WS4 to MICROS 3700 server problems

by awong89119 In reply to 3700

I am trying to start a WS4 terminal on MICROS 3700 system and I?m getting an error message with all terminals connected to the server saying the following:

?PCI Security Settings are not in Place
Default DBA/MICROS password(s) in use
Default Sensitive Data/Databases Encryption Passphrases in use
Tender/Media masking options not properly configured
Complex security not properly configured
Refer to the MICROS Security Event Log or 3700d.log??..?

I looked at logs, IP Addresses, etc, but I?m not sure where to go from here?

Thank you for your assistance

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micros 3700

by joffor01 In reply to Please help with Micros 3 ...

A micros authorized dealer got me into the system. Thanks for all your responses.

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