please need help for sony vaio bios password

By nabs999 ·
please email me if you know how to remove the bios password on sony vaio VGN-S5XP.THANKS.

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Ask Sony for the override

by NickNielsen In reply to please need help for sony ...

As a VAR and authorized Sony dealer, you should already have this.

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by midnightblu67 In reply to Ask Sony for the override

I've been unable to access my Sony Vaio FS570 for over a year now. Sony has been no help. They want the receipt and then a better copy of the receipt. For someone who isn't mobile, they've made it painstakenly difficult to to meet their demands. I've no use of my favorite computer, which they know is mine for it's registered under my name and I've called the help desk numerous times before I ever forgot the bios password. I'm so tired of everyone assuming a computer is stolen. Why do the masses of good people have to suffer for the few who are bad. Not everyone is a criminal, so provide some real help rather than..."call the help desk"..."sony will help you" or "noone here will help you." Stop treating people like a theif. Bad things happen to good people. When I finally get the override...I will give it freely to anyone who asks because maybe they've experienced the same frustration I have and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. And though this post may seem otherwise, I try not to view people negatively and certainly not as though they are up to no good. Whatever happened to the good of the many outweighing the good of the one or few. Remember...criminals have other means. They don't necessarily need to be here. Think think think...the bad guys don't need you or others like you. Good people do need you! So help if you can or don't respond at all for you and others like you are frustrating to those of us who try to do things the right way, but aren't finding success.

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by nabs999 In reply to Frustrated

thanks looks like you understand my problem,i already bought dell d420, im glad i choose dell.

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All is not as it appears

by NickNielsen In reply to Frustrated

First off, I'm sorry to hear about your password problems. Since you have both the receipt and the registration, Sony should be doing a much better job.

The vast majority of requests for password hacks on TR come from individuals who join and post the request on the same day (as happened with the original poster). These individuals are then never heard from again, with the exception of those very few who return to flame the membership's [non-]response.

Most TR members are IT professionals; some risk losing their livelihood if they are party to a criminal act involving computers. For this reason, most of us tend to either not respond at all to these requests or to respond in generalities, as happened in this case.

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by YAHLOVED In reply to Frustrated

I have the same problem and what u stated word for word is my explation of my problem and my thoughts about the sitiation

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I Lost A 17-Inch Sony VAIO - Nick Is Right

by Eddie, GH In reply to OMG


I hate to sound like a fun-spoiler, but I know Nick is right. A 17-inch screen Sony VAIO was stolen from our office and has not been seen since. The thief left the power-pack still plugged in.

I even contacted the recognised dealers here with info on the specs since the culprit would have to buy another one - no show!

You may have your problem solved today with info on the override. It may help someone tomorrow to steal your PC and keep it for good!

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do you still need the password?

by garydickinson In reply to please need help for sony ...

I guessed mine and i beleive it was factory set too, as I bought mine from only took me 2 years of trying.

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password help

by ldloo7 In reply to do you still need the pas ...

I have been faced with this problem for over a year. Please, any help at all would appreciated.
Thank you.

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Do you expect anyone to believe this rubbish ??!!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to do you still need the pas ...

You would have the world believe that you bought a laptop and then spent TWO YEARS trying to guess the boot password!!

You need your head defragmented.

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i have forgotten my sonivaio laptop bios password

by kmuthu In reply to please need help for sony ...

please send me if you idea to remove bios password for sony vaio VGN-CS35GNB

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